The 6 types of flatmate you might live with at university


Living in halls as a first-year student, or in a shared flat in second and third year, is… interesting, to say the least! You’ll encounter a variety of personalities and characters, as we’re sure you’ve already realised. It’s all a learning experience. So, how many of these six types of flatmates do you think you’ve lived with so far?

1. The phantom flatmate


Do they still live here? Who knows. You may see them once every few weeks. Or not. The phantom flatmate prefers solitude and often hides out in their room, avoiding communal areas at all costs. They may just want to be on their own, or they may even be struggling with something; a friendly invitation to hang out might make their day. And if they turn your offer down, at least you know you made an effort and it’s their choice if they want to go back to their solitary ways.

2. The passive aggressive one

Passive aggressive

You know the kind of thing we’re talking about… notes in the fridge, in the freezer, in the cupboard, anywhere that a note can be left! This flatmate seriously wants you to know what’s theirs and that they are not okay with anyone stealing it. That pint of milk with a post-it note emblazoned with ‘JAMIE’ written in black sharpie is off-limits, so unless you want to start a year-long notes battle, steer clear.

3. The drinking games pro

Drinking games pro

Incredibly handy for parties, this flatmate knows the rules to Ride the Bus, Ring of Fire, Avalanche, you name it. You’ll never be short of ideas to gets pre-drinks going with this flatmate around. They’re the life and soul of the party and are always getting everyone involved. They’re the most fun (and potentially dangerous - in terms of alcohol consumption!), flatmate.

4. The parent


The flat mum or dad, there’s always one. What would you do without them? They’re always there with a glass of water and paracetamol when you’re feeling rough. They’ll help you when you need someone to talk to. They may not be the loudest, most lively flatmate, but they are reliable, caring and a great friend. We’re all lucky to have a flat parent around.

5. The midnight snacker

Midnight snacker

Who’s been eating cereal in the middle of the night? Of course it’s the midnight snacker. They’re always raiding the kitchen cupboards in the early hours. And sometimes it’s not even for snacks; what about that curry they made at 2am? They don’t know the meaning of normal meal times. Dinner is after midnight now, okay?

6. The friend for life

Friend for life

The friend for life: the flatmate you hoped you’d get. You instantly became friends, you’ve shared your life stories, you know everything about each other and you’re always hanging out together. The friend for life is the one who makes uni such a wonderful experience. Everyone needs someone by their side who’s there for them – how lucky that you get to live with them!

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