The best places to go for your 2016 New Year’s Eve party


The best places to go for your 2016 New Year’s Eve party

2016 has actually been a pretty awesome year for me, but I know that not many people echo that sentiment. To be honest, it’s probably time we all kissed it goodbye, so why not do it in style?

We’ve put together a list of all the coolest New Year’s Eve parties and celebrations so that you’ve got somewhere to go, whether you’re staying put in your Liberty Living student accommodation, or you’re heading back home elsewhere in the UK.

If you do choose to stick around, don’t worry! Your residence is in the heart of whichever city you’re living in. Might as well make the most of it while you can!

The South

London is one of those places the people all around the world will have their eye on as the clock strikes twelve. Everyone should experience a NYE party in the capital at least once, so why not heading into 2017?

Tickets for the fireworks display are sadly now sold out, but there are still a few places where you should be able to spot them! Of course, if you don’t fancy squinting in the cold, you can head to one of the city’s amazing clubs or pubs.

Remember, some venues might already be sold out, so you should always check the ticket situation before heading out to stop yourself getting disappointed. And, as if London could possibly get more expensive than it already is, tonight will probably be the night!

The Midlands

Hurray, Birmingham’s biggest alternative student party, Uprawr, is back this year; playing host to all your favourite rock, metal and party tracks. There’s something for everyone at this huge extravaganza, where you can party all night until 6am! You can grab tickets online, and there are even queue jumpers available, too. It’s a really cheap night out, and guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

Not your cup of tea? No problem. You could catch Birmingham’s free fireworks display, or even go on the big wheel instead.

The North

So many cities, and only one New Year’s night! You’ll be spoiled for choice whether you’re in Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle or Liverpool. Obviously, Manchester’s Warehouse Project always goes down a treat, but that’s not all that’s on offer.

Liverpool’s all about themes this year, with the amazing Camp & Furnace holding an 80’s theme snow ball prom, plus there’s a Great Gatsby party at Level, too.


Edinburgh needs to be on your bucket list for New Year’s, with their world-renowned Hogmanay celebrations. This year, you can catch fireworks in tandem with live music, from the likes of Paolo Nutini and more. There’s also a street party, as well as an old ceilidh and plenty of market stalls.

Glasgow isn’t one to be ignored, either – you’ll be able to dance (and drink) the night away with loads of events being held across the city.


Don’t leave Cardiff off the list, whatever you do! If you’re in one of our Cardiff residences, you’ll find plenty to do in your own little Winter Wonderland – literally.

On the evening itself, you can descend onto their giant ice rink until 11.15pm. Alternatively, head down to the Chapter Arts Centre, where you can see a tribute to the late David Bowie, who sadly passed away this year.


Don’t forget that you’ve got the amazing advantage of being in the heart of some of the UK’s best cities wherever you’re staying with Liberty Living.

So, you don’t actually HAVE to go out into the cold and spend lots of money. Invite over one or two of your close friends, make a few cocktails and catch a glimpse of the fireworks from your window!

Remember, drink responsibly and try not to get yourself into too much trouble!