NSMW16 – The frivolous spending habits you need to stop now!


It’s no surprise that students are constantly worried about money. You get your loan and the next thing you know your rent has gone out, you need pay the water bill, and somehow need buy food as well. Then there are other necessities in life: alcohol, nights out, and clothes. Well, they’re not really necessary but to live the student life you need to have a bit of fun, I mean isn’t that what overdrafts are for? However, clothes can be a costly expenditure, especially when there seems to be eight seasons in the year according to fashion stores. You can enjoy the treats of fashion as long as you know how to keep a hold of your money. These are the habits you need to cut, and the tips you need to follow so that even on a student budget you can still look fabulous

1. Stop shopping seasonably, and shop un-seasonably.

Every store window is inviting you in with the new season ‘must-have’ and as tempting as it is to go straight for it, head to the back where the mid-season sale is normally available. Nowadays fashion recycles old trends so stock up classic items that never go out of trend. This is a good time to be buying those warm woolen coats and jumpers. Not only will they be half price but you can also get a bit of wear out of them before the next round of winter comes in. This trick involves a bit of planning but will pay off in the long run.

2. Stop buying items full price and use that student discount card!

Most student ID cards suffice for student discount and can get you up to 20% off clothes. Also your student email can get you discounts online when you join myunidays.com that gives you individual discounts off sites like ASOS, Topshop, Missguided, and more. Signing up to myunidays will also send you emails on special student discounts when shops hold in-store events and increase their discounts, or offer free shipping. Signing up to the email service of your favourite store will also let you know when student events and offers are on.

3. Don’t diss the outlets; make them your best friend now.

Seriously, outlets only have items that are up to a season out, which no one really notices. You can get gorgeous big-brand finds with up to 70% off at ASOS Outlet online and every city has at least one TKMaxx that will contain £20 authentic Ted Baker shoes!

4. Stop browsing Primark and invest in good quality.

I’m sure you’ve heard quality over quantity a thousand times, but it couldn’t be truer when it comes to fashion. Primark may be the student’s best friend but if you’re heading in there every month to re-buy those love-to-death black boots that have a 4 week lifespan, sooner rather than later that £15 adds up. Invest your wardrobe essentials at a higher price and they will last you longer, saving you money.

5. Stop impulse buying, and start saving.

Probably the oldest known trick in the book is to not impulse buy but its true. Start to ask yourself ‘do I really need this?’ as you pick up items from the clothes rail. If you see something that looks amazing then take a photo of it, check with the store how long they have it in for and how quickly its been selling (this indicates how long you have to go back to it), and then wait. Take at least three days to get over said item and if its still on your mind then you know should buy it. If you have completely forgotten about it, then it wasn’t worth it and you have money to go towards another thing. You might even find that if you wait long enough the item may be reduced in a sale!

I hope you find these tips useful and will save you money in the long run to avoid the bank of Mum and Dad! Remember to always prioritise first!

Happy saving!

Jasmin Vincent lives at Liberty Dock, Leeds. She is studying History of Art at The University of Leeds, and is currently in her 2nd year.


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