The Return of Freshers


After a very long but good summer, my anticipation of Freshers being broadcasted was coming closer. I filmed for it at the end of April through to early May; it was fantastic once again to be representing not only myself on the show but also the University of Bedfordshire (Bedford Campus) and Liberty Living. Filming in the gym on campus with me at centre point was a moment I never thought would happen. However, I enjoyed it immensely!

Some people said to me: ‘Do you feel like there’s more pressure because of how well it was received last time?’ My answer was always no. My reason for ‘no’ was because no matter how the show was received by viewers, it was the experience that I cherish the most. It was just the waiting to see the programme that I disliked. From the end of May to mid-October… that’s a long time to wait!

Freshers: A Year On, also brought me one massive surprise. A surprise that I never in my wildest dreams thought would ever happen. All you viewers know what I am talking about! And yes it is filming with Lesley Joseph! I know I am becoming predicable.

First of all, I had originally booked to see a show called Hot Flush that Lesley was in, it was purely a coincidence that the Freshers crew came back. (What a great coincidence, in my opinion). However, and this will no doubt shock some people, initially I said no to filming. I did not want to become an irritation for Lesley, I would hate that. Also I did not want to be arrested due to stalking! In the end I had a change of heart because I had read an email saying that Lesley was happy to be filmed with me.

It seems odd for me to look back now and to think that I was going to turn it down, what an opportunity I would have missed. Filming could not have gone any better; it was an utter privilege to share screening time with Lesley Joseph. Admittedly, it would have been nice if there was a bit more footage for the public to see. Oh well you can’t have it all.

Will there be another Freshers episode for me? I doubt it. Just working on the show, getting experience and also meeting my dedicated and wonderful camera girl Therese was more than great.

A massive thank you to all the followers of the show!

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Posted on 1st December 2014 by Forrest Dunbar.

Forrest is a 2nd year undergraduate staying at Liberty Park, Liberty Living's student accommodation in Bedford.


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