The secrets to making money online this Christmas


The secrets to making money online this Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas, every little extra definitely helps when it comes to this expensive time. Your family gathering can easily be boosted with a few extra sources of income, and fortunately, you don’t have to go far. From the comfort of your own home, there are a variety of online ways to make a bit of extra cash to help pay for the holiday season.

Sell off last year’s gifts that you never used
If you’re looking through the house wondering what needs shifting, you might well stumble across some accumulated stuff that hasn’t been used. The end of the year is a great time to get things looking neat again and dispense with old wares that aren’t being used, and what better way to do this than by using good old Gumtree or eBay. Take some nice photos of your stuff, give them good descriptions and see if your unwanted items can become useful again for someone else. Read this guide on ‘how to become amazing at selling on Ebay’, here.

Start selling homemade goods
Etsy is your best friend for selling your homemade goods online. It’s the perfect spot for any imaginative and crafty person to start making extra money. You might well be sitting around a bit more at this time of year, leaving extra time for a bit of crafting. Just make an account, get crafting, and start selling your homemade items through this easy to use online platform.

Cashback shopping
Did you know you can earn cash back for almost anything you purchase online? That includes whatever shopping you do for your Christmas gifts or family gathering – be it clothes, groceries, train tickets – you name it. This works by accessing the retailer’s online store through a cashback website, instead of going direct to their site. Cashback sites make money from big retailer websites – and you get a tiny slice of it. This is because companies will pay cash back sites for customer referrals.

So, although you’re getting paid via the cash back site, you’re actually being paid directly by the retailer – this means you still get your items from the retailer but you’ll also get a tidy kickback from the cashback site – usually a percentage of whatever you’ve spent. Some of the most well-regarded sites are Topcashback, and Swagbucks. These are big sites that have been running strong for some time.

Take online surveys or complete online testing
It’s easy to sign up, register your details and start doing surveys online. It’s simple: you take surveys, earn points, and eventually, you can redeem these for money or gift cards. Perfect for when you’re in between tasks in the lead up to Christmas. New sites appear daily in this category, and one of the most promising and user friendly is MintVine. For a tried and tested favourite, however, try Swagbucks instead.

Online testing is often a little more of a process, as you have to be approved before you can get started. However, once you are approved, sites like What Users Do or UserTesting can earn you great money for just trying out a website’s particular functions, according to the needs of the assignment. This means performing a certain site function and giving feedback, usually on how easy or straightforward you found it to use. It’s a great way to earn money for 20 minutes of your time.

Sell stock photography online
If you’re busy taking happy snaps of the family, presents, decorations and more, why not use these for a bit of extra cash online? Stock photography sites like iStock are always looking for submissions of happy family scenes and the like. Make a bit of extra cash out of something you might well be doing anyway.

These are my top tips for making some extra cash this Christmas, hope you enjoyed the post – good luck!