The top 4 technology buys to build an unbeatable super survival kit


Over the summer many students will be travelling, or possibly going to festivals. Others will be dragged off by parents to remote villages corners on family holidays. In any case people of all ages need their technology. To charge it, connect to their friends, find local amenities and routes, book experiences, buy tickets and much more. Technology is more vital today than ever. Think of this as your Swiss army knife of tech.

Here, I’ve listed 4 amazing gadgets that will have your technology switched on and tuned in whenever you need it. No more getting caught out with the dreaded dead battery bleeping!

1. Raspberry Pi 3

A Raspberry Pi is essentially a credit card sized computer. It’s capable of allowing you to create documents, store your multimedia and kill some time playing games. If you’re a big music fan, connect the Raspberry Pi with an auxiliary lead and it acts as a music output. Combining the Raspberry Pi with SD slots and USB 2.0/3.0 you can then store extra photos. Now in its third generation, the Raspberry Pi 3 has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allowing you to swap multimedia with friends, family and keep your social media updated with your cool summer plans!

You can purchase a Raspberry Pi 3 for around £35. If you like the sound of this gadget, you can find more information here.

2. Portable chargers

Mobile network providers like EE already offer mobile battery packs for festival goers and this would be an essential part of the ultimate tech survival setup. Losing your ability to call a friend or take those all-important photos/videos of those great summer moments can be a little gutting. Power bars, battery phone cases and external battery banks are all neat and tidy ways of charging your phones/tablets/cameras on the go. A portable charger could cost you around £5-£25 depending on the brand, amount of outputs and battery power.

3. Bluetooth Dongle

If you’re a workaholic, or you don’t want to lose all contact with the outside world, you are going to need a dongle to access the internet. You can grab one of these from most major internet providers. You pay a fixed fee each month for a set amount of data agreed with your provider. Although, with most smartphones you can create a Wi-Fi zone for people to share data and to connect to Bluetooth speakers and the like so you may not need a dongle. This reduces the need for cables and allows different devices to share and connect with each other. Contact your internet provider for fees and more information. You might be able to snap up a good deal!

As well as these devices themselves, don’t forget you’ll need the right cables and leads to connect your gadgets. Things like auxiliary cables and USB leads come in various sizes with a host of different connectors. If you’re not a fan of having a tonne of leads tangling together in your bag, check out this:

4. All in one/universal adapter

With this travel style ‘all in one’ you’ll never forget to take the right adapter with you. Designed for universal purposes allowing you to connect various devices to your charging supply, check out the USB Utility Charging Tool here, or if you’re looking for the ultimate all in one, take a peek here. Pretty cool, right? And the best thing is, it won't break the bank!

Now you have your survival kit break down, you can head on with your travels and festivals and never miss capturing a beat!