These are the best spots for a picnic near your university


It’s not often that we get nice weather in the UK, but we’ve been having some real summer scorchers here of late, just in time for National Picnic Week. With exams finally ending, there’s no better reward than spending lazy afternoons sat out in the sun. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to beer gardens, why not spend a wholesome afternoon having a picnic instead? Whether you’re staying in your student accommodation for the summer or you’re already back home, dig out those picnic recipes (if you buy the food, we won’t tell), head on out with some friends or flatmates, and swing by one of these great parks. 


When you think of London, you may picture skyscrapers and city slickers. Thankfully, London also has an abundance of beautiful outdoor spaces. It was hard for us to pick a fave, but Hampstead Heath is an amazing place for a picnic. Soak up the serene settings while you eat and take a dip in the outdoor pools afterwards. Just make sure you wait long enough before swimming so that you don’t sink!

Hampstead Heath

Image source: justinaciuk


In Cardiff you’ll find Bute Park, one of the UK’s largest and most impressive city parks – we’re a little bit obsessed. There’s loads of wildlife and plants to keep you company while you enjoy your food, and it’s super close to our Cardiff residences. In fact, Liberty Park is next to the very same river that runs through Bute Park. And who doesn’t love a riverside picnic?

Bute Park

Image source: jesuispetiteyoung


While many city parks are natural, Liverpool has a man-made one instead. The fact that Chavasse Park was designed and built doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a great place to go.

Chavasse Park

Image source: leanahasanovic


In the centre of Edinburgh, with the Castle as a backdrop, you’ll find the majestic Princes Street Gardens. It’s an ideal place for a picnic, because frankly, it’s just so pretty! Our students can enjoy an easy downhill walk from Liberty Village, and make the most of the one back up to walk off all the food!

Princes Street Gardens

Image source: fiorere


College Green is the perfect place for university students, and it’s literally around the corner from where you live if you’re at Liberty Park. This peaceful spot is open around the clock and close to plenty of shops, so you can stock up on anything you may need.

College Green

Image source: hayleyshmephens


In the summer months, Newcastle residents don’t have to travel to enjoy the beach. The Quayside Seaside beach pop-up is always a roaring success, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine and some snacks all summer without having to trek to the coast!

Quayside Seaside

Image source: lucyrebeccashields


Fancy taking a road trip? If you’re living in Leeds, you should. Set in the heart of Yorkshire, the city has some amazingly beautiful surroundings. Golden Acre Park might not be central, but it's absolutely huge and is also home to a great lake, as well as many ducks. Make sure you pack a little extra bread for your feathered friends to keep them sweet!

Golden Acre

Image source: ttornegard


Southampton’s charm lies in its waterfront, and that’s why Mayflower Park is the perfect place for a picnic. Wander down to the shore and wave a cruise ship or two off while you enjoy your food. If you’re lucky, you might just catch one of the park’s special events, such as music festivals or fireworks!


Image source: edagonenc

No matter where you’re based, you’ll find great open spaces that make perfect picnic places close to all of our 51 residences in 19 locations across the UK.