These are the things I can’t live without at uni


When getting ready to move to university, it’s easy to remember to pack those obvious items like your laptop. However, we don't always recognise just how useful some items will be. Today, I’m sharing the five things I can’t live without at uni – the ones that aren’t conventionally at the top of every packing list.

1. DishMatic brush

AKA one of my favourite purchases of THE YEAR. Nobody likes washing up but this nifty brush makes the process a little more bearable and a lot easier. The brushes are only around £1 in most shops and the refill sponges are super cheap too, so you just need some washing up liquid and you’re good to go!

2. Board games and cards

When you want to get to know your new flatmates and you’ve already asked all the typical “Where are you from? What A-levels did you do? Which course are you on?” questions, it’s time to get out the games. I think that this is a great way of making some situations much less awkward. Let’s be honest, it can be quite daunting having to meet so many new people at once. Whether you’re using the cards for a pre-drinks drinking game or having a night in with your flatmates during Freshers, this is a good way of getting everyone involved.

3. Reed diffusers and air fresheners

Most student accommodation providers do not allow candles for obvious fire safety reasons. However, there’s no denying that student flats can develop some sort of smell which isn’t always particularly pleasant. As a good alternative to scented candles, stock up on reed diffusers for a calming atmosphere and nice smelling rooms.

4. Travel flask

Hot drinks on campus can be expensive, especially during exam season when it feels like you need 43,902 coffees to get you through a day of revision on campus. By using a reusable travel cup or flask, you can bring a drink from your flat, and many coffee shops will take money off of the price of your drink when you have your own cup. Therefore, this is both budget and environmentally friendly - what more could you want?

5. Chinese 5-spice mix

Cheaper than buying individual spices and perfect for students who want to step away from the pot noodle diet, Chinese 5-spice mix is a great thing to have in the cupboard for students who’d like to try cooking some Asian food. Same goes for Thai 5-spice mix. They’re cheaper and use far less cupboard space than buying your own cinnamon, cloves, fennel and star anise… It really is a win-win situation.

So those are my uni must-haves. What are yours?