How to throw the perfect Christmas dinner party for your flatmates – from all over the world!


Christmas is inevitably a time of giving, goodwill and joy, and there is no better way to celebrate here at Liberty Living than by throwing a Christmas Dinner Party for your flatmates! I, for one, am fortunate enough to be living with girls from the UK, Romania, Mauritania and Czech Republic! Being British myself but of Pakistani descent, I have managed to experience the best of both worlds, celebrating Christmas the traditional English way with friends but also the spicy Pakistani version with my family.

Personally, Christmas is celebrated in my household with a big feast, where each family brings their own homemade dish. The bigger the house obviously the easier it is to seat thirty-odd people in for their dinner, but for me, there’s a bittersweet love you get out of having to squeeze next to your great nan on a one seater sofa with your plate in your lap.

Having said this, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your Christmas at Liberty Living any less homely. By now, you will have really got to know your flatmates, and if not, this is an especially great time to get together and share stories how you celebrate Christmas back home.

You might want to begin by arranging a date for your dinner party, as some of you may be going back home to celebrate. Having the dinner slightly earlier isn’t really a bad idea, as it means you can all get together for a final time before December exams. Once you have set a convenient date, it’s time to decide who’s invited.

It may well be that you want to keep it close and personal with just your flat members, or you could invite friends from other flats in your accommodation, but make sure you check with the residence team first.

As well as this, it’s a good idea to discuss the main focus of the party, the food! Menus can always be quite difficult to create when you have different nationalities to cater for, but it’s definitely worth the effort. To give you some ideas, we will be incorporating all four countries into our meal, with a Czech Schnitzel Potato Salad, Pakistani/Mauritanian Grilled Chicken with Roast Potatoes and a Romanian Dessert, Cozonac - a.k.a Jam Roly Poly. All this is to ensure no one feels left out, but most importantly, everyone gets a taste of each other’s Christmas!

To top it off, make sure you have a really good Christmas playlist on YouTube ready for when you’re cooking/having your dinner together to get you in the festive spirit. Some extra ideas may be to club together and buy a mini Christmas tree for your living area,  or treat yourselves to some whacky Christmas jumpers! Enjoy spending the evening playing cards, Charades or board games, basically anything which guarantees a  fab time.

Merry Christmas to you all, hope you have a great time wherever you’re staying!

Zeba lives in Liberty Court inLondon and she is a 1st year studying Actuarial Science at City University London.

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