Tips for moving back home


One of the greatest things about going to University is becoming independent, being able to set your own rules (or no rules at all) and creating a schedule that totally suits you. This is a great thing when it lasts but it inevitably creates some bad habits that make moving back home tricky.

Most of you will be enjoying your summer holidays but will have moved back to live with your parents for a few months and maybe, like me, having some difficulty readjusting. Of course, any parents that let you move in and out whenever it suits you and completely disrupting their lives are generous and kind, but that is easy to forget when they are imposing their trivial rules on you while you are just trying to sunbathe.

So, as you go through that awkward phase of readjustment, here are a few tips and reminders to think about:

1) Choose your battles wisely – rather than going head to head with your mum or dad about every single issue, think of a few things that are important to you that you will not back down on. For example, if they keep nagging you about loud music then that is fair enough and easy for you to sort, but if they start to invade your privacy or become too overbearing then that’s where you should start stating your case.

2) Negotiate and compromise – although they may have gone to uni themselves, parents seem to have forgotten how students really live – from partying all night, to dodgy recipes and questionable cleaning habits. This will obviously create tension as they may have a very different idea of how late you should stay out, how much you drink etc. – so try to talk it out and find a middle ground. It may be that you are allowed to go out as long as you come back at a certain time and stay in touch, it may be irritating but it’s a good way to get them on board. Getting angry and telling them you’re too old for those rules is futile so just try to compromise.

3) Don’t take them for granted – not everyone has the luxury of a family home that they can go back to whenever they need to so bear that in mind and show your appreciation. If they have asked you to pay rent or contribute to bills then don’t take advantage of them and make sure you pay it on time. Think of them as the best possible practice for a real landlord because they can give you advice and a break if you really need one. If they’re not asking for any money, try helping around the house or cooking once in a while. They have had to do all the chores your whole life so it’s time to return the favour and show your appreciation.

So those are the top 3 things to keep in mind but also just enjoy being back in your home town, catch up with school friends, enjoy home cooked meals, revisit your favourite places to go while you were growing up and take it all in because you’ll be back living the student life again soon enough.

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Posted on 16th July 2015 by Elinore Court.

Elinore Court lives at Liberty House in London, she is studying a masters degree in Magazine Journalism at City University.

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