Top apps to make uni life easier!


Being a student is an exciting time, with new responsibilities that you might not have experienced before. Not only do you have your studies to take care of, you also have to manage your life in areas such as living alone for the first time, finding your way around, budgeting, and keeping yourself fit and healthy.

We’ve put together a list of apps that’ll really help you along the way, especially if you’re glued to your phone 24/7 like me!


To avoid getting lost in a new city, there are loads of navigation apps you can use, and Citymapper is just one of them. It’s not been rolled out across all Liberty Living cities yet, but for those where it’s present, you’ll find it a lifesaver for getting around, whether on public transport, walking or on a bike. There are journey planners with real-time updates, and even secret routes that other apps don’t have.

For everyone else, there’s Google Maps, which also has a “download for use offline” option for when you’re running low on data.


Do you need to do work? I hate to break it to you, but at some point as a student, this will be required. Evernote is heaven sent for organisation, allowing you to get a handle on list-making, note-taking, and so much more.

Notes can be taken in lectures or when you just have things to do, and they can be written on your phone or tablet at any point. Save them as text, audio, video, or little doodles, and it’ll all sync nicely to whatever device you’re using.

For bonus points, use it for group projects. It’s easy to share your content with others, which makes it ideal.


Revision may not be your favourite thing to do as a student, but it’s a very real aspect. Flashcards allows you to memorise all your notes at the last-minute for those cramming sessions, so you can make them for your subjects and play around with them with your friends. It’s a great app for testing each other, or testing yourself.


Sometimes nights out at university can get wild, and you never know where people will want you to go. Uber is the perfect solution, you can order a cab to wherever you need to be from wherever you want – and you don’t even need to speak to anyone, or remember to bring cash, because it’s all done and paid on the app. First-time users even get discount codes, meaning that you can get your first ride free (for reference, mine is lmwp4 – you’re welcome!).

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

Liberty Living offers all students an impressive, modern kitchen, and so it’s the perfect time to learn some cooking skills! This app is great for all levels of ability, so whether you’re aiming for something simple or complex, you’ll have 50,000 choices to choose from.


If you like getting a good deal, VoucherCodes is the best place to be. Sometimes you can find discounts way better than the ones being offered just for students, on the important things in life such as takeaways. If you’re going to be ordering anyway, just do a quick check for promo codes, and it’s as easy as that.

My Fitness Pal

Sometimes all of that cooking and eating can lead us to get a little out of shape! If you’re interested in shaping up or achieving some fitness goals, My Fitness Pal is ideal. You can track what you eat and the activities you do, and it can even be synced with wearable tech like your FitBit.


Todoist is apparently the best online task-manager out there, so why not be the judge of that? It’s hard to juggle social, educational, and employment commitments when you’ve got so many things you’re supposed to be focusing on, so this might be able to help you out.


Ever wanted your own Personal Assistant? It’s not a very common thing for students to be able to afford, but you can make do with this app – it’s not bad! It will help you get all of the tasks and appointments on your calendar and using AI, it’ll be a “remote control over your daily life” (that’s what they promise anyway). However you use it, it looks super smart, so give it a chance!


Getting a student loan is the most exciting day of the term for a lot of students, and so it’s easy to get a little carried away. Spendee helps you manage your finances, whether you’ve got one income stream or a few. You can see what you’re getting vs what you’re spending, in a way that helps you manage everything

Of course, apps can’t run your whole life, so you’ll have to find ways to be savvy without tech. However, these are some of the best apps out there, and should help you manage the core areas of your life and keep you organised.