Top websites and cards to get the most out of your student discount!


Everyone knows that students are not famed for their wealth, but fear not, those that want your thinly stretched student loan appreciate the perpetual shortage in funds students may have and offer special discounts to help you part with your cash less reluctantly. Here are some of the best websites and cards to be a member of if you want to make the most of your student discount.

Student Money Saver

Student Money Saver specialises in making your money go further. It has its finger on the pulse of all deals, discounts and most importantly freebies – A word every student wants to hear!

Student Money Saver doesn’t limit itself to only student deals, it brings up to date information on any freebies that are out there and tips and tricks on how to get them.

You can now sign up to Student Money Saver via its new StudentConnect platform that let’s users verify that they are a student by logging in through their university portal, or by registering an academic email address.

There is also a weekly competition running every Friday where a lucky member wins £25! All you have to do is contact them on Whatsapp and you’re Friday could be covered.

Student Beans

Student Beans originally started as an online fresher fair and now scours the web to collate all the current student discounts, offers and savings together in one place. Student Beans shows high street, online and local discounts on its website and on an app that can be accessed anywhere. The premise is basically a digital discount card.

To use Student Beans you are required to log in and register what university you attend. Student Beans then verifies your status and you are free to save!


Unidays is another online/app-based student discount card. Unidays is a simple sign up and go system, just verify you are a student and you can start saving instantly!

The ‘myunidays’ app also allows the user to flash a discount code to retailers whilst in store or copy and past a code when shopping online.

Unidays now covers retailers in seven different countries and if you invite a friend to join, Unidays will reward you with a £5 voucher for each friend you sign up to spend on one of its partner brands.. How good is that?!

NUS Extra

The NUS Extra discount card is the original student discount. An NUS card entitles you to over 200 discounts and gains you access to over 42,000 international student discounts. The NUS works in partnership with Co-Op to bring students 10% off grocery shopping, has a gourmet bolt-on option giving card holders 2-for-1 at loads of restaurants and offers exclusive discounts with brands like Lonely Planet and Oden cinemas.

The only catch is that NUS extra cards aren’t free. The cards are available to buy for a nominal membership fee of £12 for 1 year, £22 for 2 years or £32 for 3 years.

NUS Extra now also has an official student companion app available to keep members updated on new and nearby discounts whilst on the go.

Save the Student

Save the Student styles itself as the go-to website for free, impartial advice about student finance and money. It shares details of all current discounts that are available to students and works on a directory basis where you can search for brands, categories or just look at the ‘hottest’ current deals.

There is no membership fee and all content and deals are accessible without signing in.

Whilst Save the Student doesn’t offer direct discounts and freebies, it does have a huge archive of blogs and content on nearly every imaginable student finance issue. The content is all easy to ready and digest, as well as being practical if you’re ever in doubt.

Don’t forget your Residence teams are there to help you out and may know of local discounts and freebies around where you’re staying, make sure you head down and have a chat to the team!