Unusual things for students to do in Liverpool


There’s more to Liverpool than just The Beatles and two world-famous football clubs.

Whether your passion lies in music, sport, or something else entirely, there’s plenty of unique things for you to do to pass the time in Liverpool.




1) FACT Cinema


Image source: FACT


If you ever feel like cinemas are all the same, put those thoughts to rest immediately and check out FACT.

With four screens showing a mix of independent and big-time flicks, art galleries and at times weird installations (including one by actor Shia LaBeouf, who basically set up his own call centre in there), there’s bound to be something you enjoy.

And if not? There’s a bar, so you can drink while you watch your movie.

(FACT is a 15 minute walk from our Liberty Gardens student accommodation.)


2) 81LTD


Image source: Visit Liverpool


The roaring twenties are just around the corner...again, and speakeasy bars are still as popular as they were 100 or so years ago

Liverpool has a few of its very own, including 81LTD, which has an exclusive feel because you need to be texted a code to enter. A gimmick? Sure. But a great one!


3) British Music Experience

British music experience

Image source: Liverpool Echo


It seems fitting that Liverpool, a city known for producing some of the biggest music legends of all time, should be the home of British Music Experience, an amazing and yet underrated museum dedicated to the popular music through the ages.

Learn about rock, pop, and everything between with interactive exhibitions and plenty of photo opportunities.

(British Music Experience is just a 15 minute bus ride from Liberty Atlantic Point.)


4) Bongo’s Bingo

Bongo's bingo

Image source: Liverpool Echo


Once upon a time, bingo was mostly enjoyed by nanas, but these days, those purple rinses aren’t the only thing that millennials and Gen Z are sharing with the elderly.

Bongo’s Bingo is a rave-meets-bingo-night that has become popular all over the UK, but it’s now taken up residency in Liverpool!


5) Sunday Service Gospel Brunch

Alma De Cuba

Image source: Design My Night


You don’t need to be religious to head down to Sunday Service Gospel Brunch, because Alma De Cuba is certainly not a church.

You may well end up worshipping the food though, with all kinds of meats, fish, and vegetarian dishes available while you listen to the sound of heavenly, angelic voices thanks to the real gospel choir.

Alma De Cuba also has an opera brunch and a samba afternoon tea, too.

(Liberty Prospect Point is a 20-minute bus ride from Alma de Cuba.)


6) Radio City Tower

radio city tower

Image source: Visit Liverpool


It’s not the London Eye, Edinburgh Castle, or Brighton Pier, but Radio City Tower is Liverpool’s very own instantly recognisable landmark - and better yet, you can go check out the viewing platform at the top.

It’s a great way to look over this incredible city (and way, way beyond) and realise what an awesome choice you made in coming here.

(Radio City Tower is a 15-minute bus ride from Liberty Park.)


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