What happens when you move into student accommodation?



The day you head off to uni can be a busy one. And with nerves thrown into the mix, it's easy to get into a spin.

This guide is here to help.

We're going to give you a heads up on the moving in process, with some tips on what you can do BEFORE and ON the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.  




Before moving-in day rolls around, make sure you've planned your route to halls. 

Remember, on busy check-in weekends, there can be road closures or traffic, so anticipate these before you go and save yourself the panic.

And on that note, it’s a good idea to give yourself way more time than you need to get to halls - especially if you’ve been given a specific time slot. 

This will help you feel much less stressed. And it's always better to have too much time than not enough.

Finally, think about your parking plan as, chances are, this is going to be limited at the site of your residence. Check out what’s available nearby.

For international students, you’ll tend to be met at the airport by reps from your uni and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction and might even arrange transport for you to your halls.




Where to start

Once you’re parked up, you need to head to reception where you'll be greeted by your residence team. 

It's at this point that you'll exchange important documents. You’ll usually need to have:

  • A photo ID like your passport or driving license
  • Your uni acceptance letter if you’re staying in uni-owned halls

You’ll then be handed your keys, given some documents like a room inventory checklist, and shown or directed to your new room.



Once you’re in your room, make sure you check the inventory checklist and make sure everything’s there and in order. Then, it’s time to unpack!

As you do this, keep your door open so people can pop their head in and introduce themselves. Although it can be tempting to stay in your room if you’re feeling nervous or daunted, saying hello to your new neighbours as you meet them in the shared kitchen, corridor, wherever, is never as scary as you think.

To break the ice, you could offer to help them carry their stuff to their room or the kitchen, make them a tea, or simply ask their name and what course they’re studying.

As soon as you start chatting, you’ll wonder what you were worrying about.


Settling in

Once you’ve unpacked and you’ve said goodbye to your family, you’re officially a Fresher!

And to help ease you into uni life, your university and halls will have arranged loads of activities to help you meet fellow students, get your bearings and settle in.

You’ll probably have received a schedule of these events ahead of time, so dig this out and keep checking your emails and the uni or halls’ social accounts for updates.

Throw yourself in, take advantage of all the opportunities that appeal to you, and have fun.

Good luck!


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