What to do if you’re not into your Christmas presents


Opening those presents you secretly hate or don’t understand on the jolliest day of the year can be super awkward. But how do you let your family and friends down gently by saying you don’t like it without offending them? Should you be honest or lie about how much you love it? Well never fear, here are a few ways to get out of any uncomfortable situations and react to presents that you’re just not that into.

The gift you hate

Let’s be honest, there’s no easy way to explain to a family member that hate what they’ve bought you without sounding horrible and/or like a spoiled brat. However, if you want to be honest, why not let them down gently? Politely say it’s very kind but not very you, or you think it’ll be better catered to someone else and hopefully they won’t get offended. Alternatively, you could keep the gift and offer it to a friend who you think might like it, or if you’re cheeky you could try and sell it on the sly…

The gift you don’t really understand

Receiving gifts that spark a few question marks is always awkward, but not so difficult to get around. Simply ask the gift-giver what the gift is and how you’re supposed to use it. Not only will you seem interested in the perplexing pressie, you might also learn something too!

The gift aimed at your 7-year old cousin

This one is pretty easy, as long as you manage not to laugh when you open it. You can either actually give it to your seven-year old cousin, or just simply admit you grew out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10 years ago. Thank you, next.

The obviously cheap gift

Of course it's fine to buy a cheap gift, but if not a lot of thought has gone into it, that can be hard to swallow. I mean, who are we to decide how much someone should spend on us? But then who are they to decide that we need a new key ring? However, as you know not much money went into this particular gift, there isn’t much for you or your gift-giver to lose. So, why not be grateful and either use it, or pass it on to charity if you really have no use for it. You might as well feel good about it if you’re giving any gifts away.

The stupidly expensive gift

This is possibly the most awkward of the lot. Someone has gone to a lot of effort, time and thought, not to mention forking deeply into their bank account. But if you’re convinced you’re not going to use it, what should you do? Well, when a lot of money is at stake, it is always best to be honest. Acknowledge how thoughtful the gift is, but admit that you just don’t think you’ll put it to much use. Hopefully they’ll recognise that you appreciate their generosity and will still have the receipt somewhere.

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