Which room type should you live in?


Not sure where you should live next year? You probably have a clear idea of who you’d like to live with, but when it comes to student flats, there are so many options. If you’re not 100% sure which type of student flat you should pick, see if you can recognise yourself in any of the five student types below.

1. The savvy spenders

Shared kitchen

Savvy spenders are good with money. You know exactly what you need to get by and won’t spend beyond your means. You buy all your course books second hand, scour charity shops for clothes and account for every single penny. Craving carbs after a night out? No takeaway chips for you – you’d rather cook up a £1 bag of McCain’s at home (much to the delight of your flatmates).

So, if you’re savvy and love spending time – not money – with others, living in a student flat with a shared bathroom could be the perfect option for you. If you’re studying in Aberdeen, Bristol, London, Birmingham or Leicester, we’ve got you covered.

2. The shower scowler

En-suite room

Unlike the savvy spender, the shower scowler really, really hates queuing for the bathroom in the morning. Waiting for a cashpoint on a night out? No problem. Waiting to be served at a bar? It’s no biggie. But waiting for the shower makes your blood boil and face scowl – even if you’re usually the friendliest face on campus. Why? Well… you’re at university to learn and need all the notes you can get to pass your exams, so why should you let someone else’s ‘hair wash day’ make you late for lectures?

If you’re a shower scowler and know the limits of your patience, the best room type for you is an en-suite. But would you go for a classic en-suite, deluxe, premium, city or superior? Browse your options on our website.

3. The social butterfly

Shared kitchen

The social butterfly loves to meet new people. When you’re not out with friends, you’re signing up to societies (jiu-jitsu society, hula hoop society, squirrel appreciation society - you’ve tried them all). You can sometimes be tricky to pin down – “Sorry, I’ll be out with my frisbee tournament friends that day. How’s your January looking?”, will be your likely response to invites. As a social butterfly, you like to be surrounded by people and social opportunities at home as much as you do when you’re out and about - think flat dinners, predrinks and games nights.

If you’re a social butterfly, you’ll be at your happiest living in shared flats with communal living areas, so flutter your social wings over to our website to check out your options.

4. The 'me time’ seeker

Studio room

The ‘me time’ seeker likes to look after number one. You might keep yourself busy at university and have a lively social life, but when you head back to your halls, you really value your privacy. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about it – alone time is good for you! Although you love being out, sometimes, when faced with a choice between a flat party or a night in with Netflix, you make a beeline for me time.

If you’re a ‘me time’ seeker, find a studio flat or apartment just for you in your city to make sure you get that dose of downtime you crave.

5. The one that's met their bestie(s)

Twin room

The one that’s met their bestie is in a very lucky position. You’ve gelled so much with your flatmate (or maybe course mate) that you plan to find a flat together. You do everything together anyway (eating, drinking, you’ve even fallen asleep in their room watching Black Mirror, right after saying you were too scared to ever sleep again), so why wouldn’t you live together?

If this sounds familiar, you and your BFF might as well get a twin room. Unless there’s a bunch of you BFFs? Well, some friends opt to book a shared flat together as a group, meaning you can fill a flat with your besties! Simply contact the residence where you’d like to live. Next year will be a good year…

Think you know what sort of student room you’d like to live in next year? We have shared flats, en-suite rooms and studio flats across residences in 19 cities across the UK. Browse your options today to find the perfect room for you.

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