Why book your student accommodation with Liberty Living this September?


Why book your student accommodation with Liberty Living this September

Ah, home, sweet home. I personally love the comforts of home, no matter where I go in between. There’s a comfort, if you will. A familiarity. When you’re a student, it’s these things which help you feel like you belong, even when you’re miles away from where you grew up.

Need a reason to book – or rebook – with Liberty Living? How about letting the cities do the talking. With 19 of the UK’s top locations accounted for, staying with Liberty Living is like your winning ticket to a central location with all the fun that city centre living brings.

Of course, that’s not for everyone – which is why there are some places which are more campus focused, too. Regardless, you’ll have the same great package across the board, with your bills included, award-winning high speed internet, a friendly team at reception to collect your parcels, and security, too… to name just a few of the benefits you’ll get when you stay with Liberty Living.

Want to stay with your friends? That’s okay! Whilst it’s fun to meet new people, you can set up group bookings if you don’t fancy splitting up. It’s a trauma, obviously, so just save yourselves the drama and stick together. Better still, with dedicated rooms just for returning students; you don’t need to deal with the newbies. So last year, right?!

Why stay on, anyway? Have you seen some of the houses available to students? I’ve been to some absolutely awful places rented by dodgy private landlords, and if you are set on moving out, that’s cool – just make sure that you do your research to avoid scams and so on.

Of course, it helps when you have an incentive on offer – students do well on a budget so the following offers might help you make up your mind!

  • You’ll get a £200 discount if you’re rebooking.
  • You’ll get £100 cashback when you recommend a friend – except at some residences, where you’ll get even more.
  • You’ll get a £100 shopping voucher when you book in a group – again, except at some residences, where you can receive even more!
  • There’s a £400 cashback incentive running at Liberty Park Bristol for both new and returning students, plus £200 cashback if you recommend a friend (unlimited offer).
  • There’s a £200 cashback incentive running at Liberty Atlantic point Liverpool for both new and returning students, plus £100 cashback if you recommend a friend (unlimited offer). As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get a £400 shopping voucher for group bookings of four or more, plus returning students get a price freeze, so you’ll pay this year’s rate for next year!
  • There’s a £400 group booking offer at Liberty Quays and Liberty Quays Studio Newcastle, plus a rebooking discount (which works out at roughly £10.00 per week).
  • There’s a £200 cashback offer if you recommend a friend (unlimited offer) at Liberty Plaza Newcastle.
  • Finally, there has been a recent price reduction at Liberty Quays Southampton for their En-suite rooms.
  • Please be aware that some offers are only available at selected Liberty Living residences, check out the special offers page for full details and T & Cs.

Liberty Living still has availability in the following cities at the time of writing this, so we thought we’d round them up for you to see:

It’s super easy to book a room online with Liberty Living, check out the video guide below.

Unfortunately Bedford, Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester are all either fully nominated to specific universities or sold out, so you might want to hurry before this happens with the other cities, too – good luck!