Why students in Newcastle love their independence


Every academic year that passes, student accommodation in Newcastle shifts further away from the stereotypes of crowded kitchens and shower queues, and takes another step towards modern, clean and independent student living. Studio flats – occupied by a single student but equipped with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom – and en-suite rooms are becoming more and more popular in the Toon. Think being three feet from your desk but also five feet from your bathroom, and you’ve got the right idea. Here are five reasons why self-contained student flats are on the rise.

1. Post-party privacy is good for the soul


The typical Geordie lifestyle can involve a lot of partying (we mean a lot). But many Newcastle students love having their own space to switch off from the legendary nightlife and get their heads down (or simply eat an entire bag of Doritos while binge-watching Bake Off - no one's judging). Studios are absolutely perfect for both those post-trebles-in-Soho mornings and assignment-filled evenings. Yes, you always have the option to go out and have fun, but you can also be alone when you want and not have your sleep disturbed by any raging after-parties in your kitchen until the early hours. It's just you and your comfiest pyjamas. Studios at Liberty Plaza are typically between 21 and 26m², and that’s ALL. FOR. YOU.

2. Independence means convenience

Everything in one place

Yup, by now you've guessed that us Newcastle students are known to work hard and play hard. When life's that eventful, wouldn't it be great to be able to do everything - cooking, studying, sleeping - in one space? Picture this: sitting in bed while keeping an eye on your food cooking. That's no problem if you’re living in a city studio in Liberty Quay Studios, where you can do exactly that. One huge benefit of living independently in a studio is the difference in space, which is designed for convenience. Everything’s more compact in a studio flat - you can forget walking down a corridor in your towel to a shared shower, and instead, walk just a few steps from your bed to your personal bathroom. Same goes for your kitchen area. 

3. But it doesn't mean being alone


As much as we love having our own space to chill out in, Newcastle students also love being surrounded by people. In en-suite rooms, you have the best of both worlds, plus a heap of added benefits that come with having your base in a modern building: fresh colour schemes, great facilities (inside and out) and newly-replaced furniture, to name but a few. Take the the classic en-suite and premium en-suite rooms at Liberty Quay, for example, and rest assured you’ll be living in a recently refurbished flat with great storage space and sharing a large fully-fitted kitchen with your flatmates. Did we mention there’s an on-site gym you can use at Liberty Quay Studios

4. Bathroom brawls don't exist

All for you

One student per room is enough! And the same goes for bathrooms. In an en-suite room, you won’t find yourself cleaning other people’s toothpaste off the mirror or finding that someone’s used all your shower gel because there’s only you living there and using the bathroom. This way, you don’t need to resort to nagging your flatmates to change the loo roll with Geordie slang you’ve picked up, like “Haddaway man!”. Result.

5. Being in Toon is the best

Walking distance

After a night on the Toon, stumbling out of bed, over a road and into a lecture is much better than stumbling out of bed, across a city and into a lecture. Many students living in studio flats or en-suite rooms in Newcastle can smugly say that they can set off as little as 10 minutes before their timetabled sessions. That’s certainly the case if you’re living at super central residence (you’ve guessed it) Liberty Central and studying at Northumbria University. So forget long walks to your morning lectures in cold conditions - if you nab yourself an en-suite room at Liberty Central, you can save money on transport, and therefore spend more in Newcastle’s Primark (just a ten-minute walk from the residence). What could go wrong?

Reckon independent living might be for you? We’re not surprised. Our four residences in Newcastle feature either modern en-suite rooms or studio flats (or both!) and are located in the most sought-after student areas in the city.

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