Your guide to moving into your student accommodation


Things have changed a little since I moved into student accommodation, but one thing that hasn’t really is the process of moving in. Sure, it seems daunting when you’re moving away from home especially if it’s for the first time, but it really doesn’t have to be. The more you know, the more prepared you can be.

Checking in

You’ll need to tell your new residence when you plan to move in (you should also have received a pre-arrival email), just so that they can advise you on things like where to park. Some residences will have parking for your convenience; others will have public ones or alternative arrangements nearby.

To make things easier for you, your family and friends can help you unload your belongings and get set up, but you may be assigned a “slot” of time, and after that, you’ll have to move the car. My advice is to just get it all chucked into the room, and then you can work on making it nice once it’s all there.

Checking in should be a breeze; this is where your keys are given to you. It’s all very exciting. There may well be a bit of a queue if it’s busy, so please, be patient, and try and make some friends with the people around you. They’re in exactly the same boat. You’ll need ID to sign in, and you’ll probably need to sign something, too. Then, it’s up to your new room!

What shall I pack?

You tell me! You know yourself what you have and what you need, so you’ll need to be the judge of that. Clothes are a must, obviously, and bedding and kitchen items are also pretty important (unless you’re buying a pack when you arrive).

Little trinkets to remind you of home are also a nice touch, as well as things to brighten up your room and personalise it (just remember that you can’t make any changes to the actual room itself).

It’s probably advisable just to get the basics when it comes to the kitchen, you can club together with your new flatmates to buy other items if you fancy them later on. Plus, someone else is bound to have the things you’ve forgotten, so you may well be able to borrow things to begin with.

Just please don’t bring pets, anything dangerous, or the kitchen sink (you’ll get one of those!).

Being social

In all the panic of moving in and the stress of saying goodbye to loved ones, it can be easy to forget how exciting the journey ahead of you actually is! This is the start of the next year of your life, so you’ll want to make some pals to share that with you.

You’re allowed visitors providing you check them in, but the people you live with are the ones who will be there around the clock.

Say hi, tell people your name, and ask them theirs. It’s simple, really, but easy to stumble over when you’re feeling a little nervous. Perhaps try to find some common ground – maybe you can see something sticking out of one of their boxes that you have as well!

Liberty Living run a great Student Experience program, which is designed to help you integrate seamlessly and connect with your new flatmates. There are all kinds of activities which get planned to break the ice, from BBQs to movie nights!

Remember though, there does need to be a balance, at least sometimes! If you’re ever unable to sleep or study because people are being a bit too noisy, you’re well within your rights to ask them to politely keep it down!

Who’s there to support you?

The Residence Teams are Liberty Living’s superheroes. They’ll be there to help you from day one. From dealing with any queries, to giving you a friendly person to talk to if you’re feeling homesick, they’ll keep you on track, as well as ensuring you’re having a good time.

Of course, you’ll also have security to keep you safe and CCTV at all times, so your parents will know they’re leaving you in good hands!