Your summer term survival guide


We’ve all got to admit that returning to university after the Easter holidays is always the worst of them all. After the Christmas break you’ve indulged so much in Quality Streets and Home Alone that you’re craving a routine. And summer? Well, after the long break you find you’ve missed your uni friends so much that you can’t wait to catch up! But after Easter, you have to return to the hardest, most stressful academic period of them all: summer submission and exam period. The end might seem far away, but don’t panic - we’ve got you covered. Here are a few helpful tips for when you return after Easter.

1. Set yourself realistic targets


You may think, 'right, I am going to be super productive over Easter' or 'I’m cutting out socialising and replacing it with studying' - simple! And, if you’re lucky, it might last a week or two. But before you know it, you’re out on the weekends, binging a new Netflix series and sleeping in until 2pm. And that’s ok too. But instead of hoping you'll completely change your lifestyle, set yourself realistic goals. Revise for a set time scale and plan ahead, just in case a bout bout of procrastination comes around.

2. Get those dusty notes out

Get your notes out

Remember those lectures you attended weeks ago? Yes? Well, it’s time to dig the notes out and refresh your memory; it’ll all come flooding back. But again, it's important to set yourself realistic goals. Organise yourself a timetable and do different modules on different days. That way, you’ll spread the workload equally and still have time to socialise. Result!

3. Make plans for motivation


During exam season, all you want to do is go for a pint with your friends, but you’re drowning in work and stuck in the library 24/7. It’s a hard life after Easter. But instead of feeling sorry for yourself, why not buy tickets for your end of year uni ball? Book a budget-friendly holiday? Or, organise some nights out to get yourself excited for the post-exam period? It’ll motivate you to work harder and push yourself through the dreaded upcoming months.

4. Ditch the chocolate eggs

Eat bananas

Everyone loves Easter - it is Creme Egg season, after all. You may only receive a few eggs, but they’ll do a great job of distracting you from your work. So how about ditching the chocolate and replacing them with a healthier alternative? Bananas are far more filling and release energy slowly to help you get that revision completed!

5. Take productive breaks

Be productive

Even if you can’t put your mind past the pile of revision staring at you, taking short breaks every so often is actually very beneficial for concentration levels. So, take breaks! Make a snack, go for a run, do the laundry you've been avoiding... However, if you want to make your breaks even more productive, try researching internships, work experience and graduate jobs to get yourself inspired. It might even start a fire within you to boss those upcoming exams!