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The guys are back, and this time, they’re proving (kitchen) size really doesn’t matter! You don’t have a leg to stand on if you’re still blaming the size of your kitchen as to the reason why you’re not getting cracking with the cooking! Trust me, at Liberty Living you have absolutely everything you need to make even the grandest of dishes – ingredients sadly not included! Why not give this Zingy Crab Spaghetti recipe a go? Packed full of life & zest, this flavourful dish is deceivingly easy, despite its crabby goodness which wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant. Ways to impress your flatmates – SORTED.

• Fistful of dried spaghetti (100g, 1 p piece diameter or 116 strands)
• 1 clove of garlic
• 1 small red chili
• Couple of springs of fresh parsley
• 3 tbsp lemon juices
• 4 tbsp olive oil
• 1 tin of crab, drained
• Salt and pepper

How to cook:
• Boil a large pan of salty water
• Add the spaghetti into the pan and stir to make sure the strands don’t stick together, then allow to simmer for 8 minutes
• Dice the good stuff – that’s the chili, grated garlic and chopped parsley, adding all to a mug with the oil, lemon juice and plenty of salt and pepper. Yummy!
• Drain the pasta and return to the dry, but hot pan.
• Stir through the crab meat and splash over the oil dressing.
• Mix well and serve straight away.

Serves 1.

Top Tip: Stash leftovers in the fridge for round two the next day!

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Posted on 5th December 2014 by Claire L.

Claire Louise Sheridan lives and works in Peterborough. She recently graduated with a degree in English and Communication Studies from the University of Liverpool.

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