An update from us on COVID-19


COVID-19 update

IMPORTANT: Coronavirus Student FAQ

Dear students,

Thank you for your understanding and patience in these most challenging times. Our priority over the past days has been the safety of all of you living with us as well as our employees looking after you. We remain fully committed to providing you with all the support we can at this very difficult and unsettling time for each of you.

This is a period of great uncertainty and we have been working closely with universities, the government and health authorities to understand the right thing to do for each of you. This includes those who have already left your Liberty Living homes or wish to leave in line with the latest government advice as well as those who will continue to live with us.

Following some of our university partners’ advice that their students should return home, many of you have understandably been asking where you stand in relation to the rent payments for your accommodation.

We can now confirm that if you do not plan to continue staying in your Liberty Living home for your third university term (so from after Easter), then provided you let us know by 5pm on Sunday 17th May, we will treat this as a return of your room (in effect a surrender of your tenancy agreement with us) and you will not have to pay your outstanding rental payment.

If you have not yet returned home, but have notified us that you are planning to do so you will then need to stay in your accommodation until non-essential travel is allowed again, in line with the latest government advice.

We understand it may be difficult but please where possible remove your belongings from your room and shared kitchens following this date. If this is not possible for any reason, including due to any further restrictions from the government, then please inform us as quickly as possible.

For those of you who wish to continue staying with us, we’ll continue to provide the best possible support we can up to the end of your tenancy. We are also conscious that some of you may need to extend your stay (perhaps due to travel restrictions flying home or because this is your principal home). Please let us know about this as soon as possible and we will do all we can to support you through an extended period beyond your current tenancy at no further charge, whilst we remain able to do so.

We will assume you are staying with us through to the end of your tenancy if you do not complete the early checkout procedure by 5pm on Sunday 17th May.

Thank you once again for your patience and understanding over the past few days. We do appreciate this is such a difficult and uncertain time for all and we hope that by providing you with some certainty with regards to your home at Liberty Living, this can be of some help and support in these very challenging times.

Kind regards,

Liberty Living