Chinese New Year celebrations at Liberty Living’s student accommodation


Chinese New Year is a vital festival to all the Chinese population. For many of our Chinese students, Liberty Living is their second home and we always try to make them feel welcome and engage with their culture.

Many Chinese New Year events were held this year to mark the celebrations, including Liberty Park in Liverpool and Liberty Works in Sheffield. The celebrations included various forms of activities based on different traditional customs during the festival.

All of our Chinese residents were formally invited to the events held locally and were welcomed to invite their friends too. We made this event exclusively for Chinese residents as we felt this would be a great way to gather the students all together and celebrate in a traditional way.

Here is some feedback from Xixi Wang, who is a student staying at Liberty Park in Liverpool:

Xixi Wang said: "We enjoyed the New Year at our home in the UK, namely, Liberty Park in Liverpool, which led to us another memorable Spring Festival. During the dates of the festival, the reception at Liberty Park was decorated with the Spring Festival couplets, Chinese lanterns and the character of ‘fortune’. Another key point is the New Year dinner, owing to the good facilities in the kitchens of Liberty Park, we cooked some delicious Chinese food which is custom in China for the New Year evening."

Another great celebration took place on Thursday 30th January 2014 for all of our Chinese residents and their guests at Liberty Works in Sheffield.

Here are some comments from Tom Vickers, Assistant Manager: "The common room was decorated with ‘captions’ around the doorways and of course Chinese food was served for everyone to enjoy. As the night went on, there was singing and lots of laughter along with a few tactical games of table football. Many of the students were taking pictures of the decorations and the food to send to their families in China to show what a good night they had enjoyed. At the end of the evening, we also gave out a red goody bag to each guest."

One of the most pleasing aspects of the events held was that they gave all of our Chinese residents a chance to meet each other and make new friends. All of the guests were grateful to the staff for hosting the events and gave really positive feedback.

A good night was had by all, and we look forward to hosting the events again next year, here to the year of the ‘horse’!