Introducing Forrest Dunbar, guest blogger number 3 for Liberty Living


So, we have introduced a few guest bloggers that will be working with us and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve managed to recruit another, a big welcome to Forrest Dunbar from the team here at Liberty Living!

Forrest is a 1st year undergraduate student studying English at the University of Bedfordshire and is currently staying at our student accommodation in Liberty Park, Bedford. Some of you may recognise Forrest from a documentary called ‘Freshers’ that was broadcast on ITV2 in 2013.

Forrest will be writing about a range of topics including his experience being a part of the ‘Freshers’ programme, why you don’t have to drink alcohol to have a good night out and how he has learned to cook since he left the family home… of course with a few cooking disasters along the way so keep a look out for the pics!