Liberty Living's fundraising


Liberty Living’s stated objective is to work with all of its customers to reduce its carbon footprint in every way possible and to engage fully the student body in achieving meaningful reductions in energy usage.

We plan to do this by asking our student customers to work with us in a set campaign to reduce energy usage by following certain simple actions and aiming at an initial target of a 10% reduction.

Our Vision is to engage the student body in our green campaign by ensuring that reductions in energy usage result in meaningful donations to charity. It is our aim to support children in the third world by building schools and providing educational support – to show those that consider their situations ‘hopeless’ that we are working for them.

The ‘Put your energy into schools’ campaign was designed to allow all those involved to see tangible benefits from an energy reduction programme and to provide the motivation for us all to try harder.

If you would like to make a charitable donation, plesae visit our Justgiving page.

January 2013