Liberty Living's nominations portal proves more successful than ever


Liberty Living, one of the UK’s leading providers of student accommodation, has revealed that the unique online portal developed exclusively for its university partners has proven more successful than ever.

Over 60 per cent of Liberty Living’s 14,800 rooms across the UK are nominated directly to universities, forming a core part of the university’s accommodation provision.

For the academic year 2011-12, over 6,000 students across 15 universities booked accommodation with Liberty Living through the portal – up from 3,250 in 2010-11.

The nominations portal is an industry-unique innovation which provides a portal solution for the management of nomination agreements between Liberty Living and its university partners, facilitating an automated process of the following:

  • Transfer of student information from the university’s IT system to the portal
  • Email offer of accommodation direct from the portal to the student
  • Online contracting by the student for their reserved room
  • A real time window into the allocation process for the University, enabling rooms to quickly be re-offered if necessary
  • A better moving-in experience as all systems are real time and fully up-to-date

Charles Marshall, CEO of Liberty Living, says: "Nomination agreements are a very popular way for universities to secure high quality accommodation for their students. The nominations portal has been a resounding success and demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative ways to improve the way we work with our university partners."

Andrew Brewer, Financial Controller of Liberty Living, adds: "Liberty Living recognises that students now expect to be able to manage their lives online, it is essential their first interaction with Liberty Living lives up to this expectation. Without developing a system such as the nominations portal, we would never have been able to provide an online booking service to the majority of our students. The portal is primarily used for first year students after they have received their ‘A’ level results. It gives students the ability to secure their accommodation within hours of confirming their university place which is unique, fast and efficient. Gone are the days of waiting for the postman to disappoint once more.

Liberty Living was happy to commit to a substantial investment in the portal in order to provide the following benefits:

  • A vastly improved means for the University to quickly and effectively offer its students the rooms it has secured under the nomination agreement with Liberty Living
  • The ability for the student to contract online directly with Liberty Living for the room that has been reserved for them
  • Liberty Living’s back office systems to be updated automatically in real time

The nominations portal is genuinely a development whereby everybody benefits."

Northumbria University comments: "The nominations portal has made allocating students to Liberty Living much quicker and easier, the rapid transfer of data from the University to the portal means offers are sent more quickly and access to real time acceptances means a faster turnaround of rooms and a more efficient service for students."

For more information, please contact:

John Kenny
Chief Operating Officer
+44 20 7398 7433

About Liberty Living

Liberty Living Management Two Limited manages student and key worker accommodation on behalf of funds under the investment management of Brandeaux, working in conjunction with universities and other representative bodies to provide modern, stylish and affordable accommodation to the growing student population in the UK.

Liberty Living has student accommodation in the following university cities and towns – Aberdeen, Bedford, Birmingham, Cardiff, Coventry, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Medway, Newcastle, Preston, Sheffield, Southampton and Stoke.