Liberty Living's triathletes take part in Southwell's triathlon


The Midland Sprint Series is playing host to Southwell’s triathlon on 17th April 2016 which will see triathletes complete a 400 metre swim, 17.6 kilometre bike ride and a 5 kilometre run. A total of 33 Liberty Living staff members, family, friends and subcontractors across a wide range of ages from 18 to 67, are all taking part in this year’s triathlon to raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Children and Young Adults Ward.

Staff members from our London, Newcastle, Manchester and Southampton residences as well as our Property and Central Services departments, to name but a few, will all be taking part in the triathlon. Participants have made up a total of 21 individual triathletes and a further 4 teams.

Our triathletes have been busy raising donations through Liberty Living’s Triathletes Just Giving page and other fundraising activities, beating their original target of £3,500 which now stands at over £8,500 raised for the charity! Donations and funds will buy a 3D TV's for the children and young adults on the ward whilst being given treatment.

Gary Nathan, Regional Operations Manager for the East region, challenged staff at the beginning of the year to take on ‘something they couldn’t already do’ and invited them to take part in the triathlon with him, including his wife Michelle, Liberty Living’s CEO and COO, and family and friends of staff.

After months of preparation and training, here’s what a few of our triathletes have to say about the challenge they’ve agreed to:

“When Gary told me it was ‘Do something you cannot do’, I thought it would be a prime opportunity for me to get over my fear of swimming. I have never really taken to the water and since the age of 5 I’ve had a massive fear of getting into a pool. My motivation has been really to prove myself wrong and that I can get in the water after 20 years of fear. I can now swim the whole 400m (not consistently but I’m getting there) without panicking. It’s been a challenge but if I raise money for an amazing charity and conquer a 20 year old fear then I am proud” – Kirsty Williams, Assistant Manager at Liberty Works, Sheffield.

“I could only swim 2 lengths at the time and thought it would be good to complete a Sprint Triathlon where I would have to swim 400 metres, cycle 17.6 kilometres and run 5 kilometres and I asked staff if they would like to do it with me, and for some, do something they couldn’t do” – Gary Nathan, Regional Operations Manager (East), Liberty Living.

"For me my motivation for doing the triathlon is that this year is 25 years since my mum passed away fighting cancer. She fought cancer for 9 years before losing the battle but never gave up – not ever. I was 18 at the time, but growing up from the age of nine watching your mum going though cancer treatment was tough. The money we raise will hopefully go to help provide facilities that may help going through treatment, or their families time a little easier. The advances in cancer treatment since then have been huge, but only because people have so kindly put themselves out to undertake challenges like this, or have dug deep in their pockets to help fund the research. I suppose this is me doing my bit and in my own way saying thanks to all those who helped my mum as much as they could" - Simon Raeburn, Senior Facilities Manager, Property Services, Liberty Living.

Good luck to all those taking part in Southwell’s triathlon! But most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

If you would like to make a donation, head over to Liberty Living’s Triathletes Just Giving page here.