Liberty Living’s students in Cardiff contribute to diverting 14.52 tonnes from landfill


Students staying in Liberty Living’s student accommodation in Cardiff contributed to a mighty 14.62 tonnes of unwanted items being diverted from landfill in 2015’s “Get it out for Cardiff” (GIOFC) campaign.

The GIOFC campaign ensures that moving out at the end of term is stress free, whilst leaving the local community clean and tidy. The annual end of term waste, recycling and charity collection scheme provides 21 Green Zones in halls of residences and Student Unions across the city, six of which are located in Liberty Living’s accommodation.

Unwanted goods such as CDs, DVDs, kitchen items, clothing, food and small electrical items can all be donated.

Check out the quantity of items collected in 2015 below:

  • Total textile items collected: 11.49 tonnes
  • Total kitchen items collected: 1.5 tonnes
  • Total electrical items collected: 0.94 tonnes
  • Total food collected: 0.44 tonnes
  • Total media / books etc: 0.25 tonnes

Charities also benefit from the campaign with £2,142.37 going to the YMCA and £1,000 to the Lord Mayors charity – Velindre Cancer Centre.

Liberty Living is delighted to support this campaign and will continue to do so with the backing of our fantastic students.