London School of Economics accommodation

As an London School of Economics student, you will be extremely fortunate – your base is an inspiring, vibrant and colourful international capital. When you stay in our student accommodation in London you’re likely to be at the envy of all of your friends.

  1. General information

    London School of Economics was founded in 1895, and in 1900 it joined the University of London. The first degrees were issued in 1902 – but enough with the history lesson!

    All you really need to know is that the institution continues to be one of the best in the world for teaching and research across a range of social sciences, as well as in mathematics, statistics, media, philosophy and history. It’s considered to be one of the most selective and prestigious places to study in the world, so if you have managed to get a place, well done you!

    The University has fantastic relationships and influence in politics, business and law. Several ‘notable’ people are alumni of the School, and in addition, LSE produces more billionaires than any other University in Europe – that’s always something nice to think about because you never know, you could be next!

    As an LSE student, you will be extremely fortunate – your base is an inspiring, vibrant and colourful international capital. Whatever your interests or appetite you will find something to suit your palate or someone to help you along your way – the city is full of ambitious people and great networking connections.  

    Our LSE accommodation is especially tailored for students just like you and we want nothing more than to see you succeed.  

  2. The campus

    LSE’s location in central London is fundamental to its identity. It’s a vibrant and incredibly cosmopolitan place and by enrolling you’re choosing not just a degree course, but a lifestyle which is both stimulating and part of the ‘real world’. Your campus backdrop is the world-famous London skyline, which will be visible out of every window – it should inspire you to achieve great things.

    LSE moved to its present day location in Central London around Westminster all the way back in 1902. However, over the years it’s carried on growing and growing. Several members of royalty have even opened important buildings over the years. There are loads of important places on campus of architectural significance and even statues and public art.

    At the turn of the 21st Century, the London School of Economics campus went through a multi-million pound period of renewal. In recent years they’ve also designed an ultra-modern educational facility and increased the overall size.

    As you’d imagine, there are incredible research facilities, libraries, and other academic buildings all over the place. However, you’re allowed to catch a break, too. 2014 saw new accommodation for the Students’ Union, where you can visit a bar (of course) as well as a rooftop terrace, learning café, careers advice, a media centre and even sporting facilities like a gymnasium and a dance studio. There are more sporting facilities all over campus, so you can join a team or enjoy a social workout.

    When you stay in our London School of Economics accommodation you’re likely to be at the envy of all of your friends. We’ve got a great range of options available to make sure you’re close to where you need to be, at the heart of one of the most incredible cities in the world.

  3. Undergraduate study

    At LSE, you’ll have the opportunity to study a broad range of subjects, although these are often highly specialised. The beauty is that if you can’t spot something you enjoyed at school, you can use your existing skills to try something new – there’s an abundance of options to choose from. Whether you’re philosophical, scientific or mathematically minded, you’ll receive excellent support throughout your time at LSE. Many subjects will even have a direct vocational or professional link.

    The School offers a unique opportunity to study the social sciences in central London at an institution respected worldwide for its academic reputation. Although many people aren’t aware of the fact, our lives as we know them today have actually been influenced by the great work being carried out at LSE in fields like social policy – and LSE could be the first step in your journey of being part of something great, too. 

    LSE promotes knowledge and understanding among all of its students, and as part of that they welcome International students with open arms. In actual fact, over half of the students at the University come from locations outside the UK, and so the University is an exciting mix of cultures and perspectives.

    Our LSE accommodation will ensure it’s not all work and no play thanks to its location, but it provides the perfect atmosphere to study when you need it, too.

  4. Postgraduate study

    In terms of pioneering research, London School of Economics are world leaders. So many key findings have been discovered here, and you could be a part of that. When you come to LSE to further your study, you’ll be joined by roughly half the student body – postgraduate study is equally as popular as undergraduate study here.

    At LSE, the experts don’t just follow the rules of their subjects – often, they make them!  Researchers at London School of Economics have played a unique role in defining and developing some of the key academic subjects that they teach. That why they’re some of the best you can get – in many cases, they literally wrote the book.

    You have a wealth of opportunities at LSE, and one of these is to carve your own path. Your individual learning and development as well as gaining expertise in your field are paramount here, because when the School invests in your future, they are potentially investing in everyone’s. It’s a pretty big honour! You will not only become employable, you will become a leader.

    Our London School of Economics accommodation is perfect for postgraduates, and it’s easy to see why. We’ve thought of everything you could possibly need to make the most of your time continuing your education, and you’re at the heart of one of the best major metropolises in the world, with all the connections it can undoubtedly bring,


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Accommodation available in London

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  1. Liberty Hall - London

    2 miles (walking) 1.9 miles (walking) 1.5 miles (walking) 1.9 miles (walking) 4.4 miles (walking) 0.4 miles (walking) 1.5 miles (walking)
    from £237.00 pw

    Liberty Hall is located on Graham Street in Angel with its cool North London vibe, right in the heart of Central London. Set along the banks of Regent’s Canal, it brings a bit of serenity to this bustling location. Staying here puts you right next to many of the city’s universities, including City, University of London and the University of the Arts London, so you can make it to class in good time.

    There are buses all over the place and you can walk to London’s famous underground or major train stations in minutes, and there's tons of fun things to do within minutes’ walk of our student accommodation.

    At Liberty Hall, we make you feel right at home. We include security, CCTV, contents insurance, bills and even access to a gym (down the road) in your rent. 

  2. Liberty Plaza - London

    3.3 miles (walking) 2.2 miles (walking) 4.7 miles (walking) 2.2 miles (walking) 5.2 miles (walking) 2.1 miles (walking) 0.5 miles (walking)
    from £283.50 pw

    Liberty Plaza is located on Leman Street in Aldgate and its got a super cool vibe, right in the heart of East London. The residence brings you close to the buzzing areas of Shoreditch and Spitalfields so you’ll never miss out on any of the action.

    Our student accommodation puts you right next to many of the city’s universities and art colleges, including Coventry University London, so you can just roll out of bed and get to class in a flash. Plus there’s great transport links all over the city, you can walk to London’s famous underground or major train stations in minutes.

    We make you feel right at home at Liberty Plaza. We include your bills, contents insurance and access to a gym in your rent, so you relax and focus on your studies.

  3. Liberty House – Sebastian Street - London

    1.8 miles (walking) 1.5 miles (walking) 1.5 miles (walking) 1.6 miles (walking) 4.2 miles (walking) 0.1 miles (walking) 1.6 miles (walking)
    from £282.50 pw

    Liberty House on Sebastian Street is in the heart of one of London’s coolest areas, with a vibrant atmosphere and plenty to do. It’s right by loads of the city’s higher education institutions, including City, University of London and University College London, so you’ll always make it to lectures on time.

    There are buses on your doorstep, and you can walk to two of London’s famous underground stations in 12 minutes. There are plenty of other great transport links locally. You’ll find plenty to do in your downtime, as London has so much going on.

    We include security, CCTV and insurance in your rent, so you never need to worry about safety. Your bills come in the price of your room, and you can access the gym free of charge at our St John Street location.

  4. Liberty House – St John Street - London

    1.7 miles (walking) 1.3 miles (walking) 1.5 miles (walking) 1.3 miles (walking) 4 miles (walking) 0.2 miles (walking) 1.6 miles (walking)
    from £316.00 pw

    Our Liberty House location on St John Street is incredibly central and located in a trendy, cosmopolitan district of Central London. It’s close to so many of the city’s higher education institutions, including Imperial College London and the London School of Economics, so you’ll never have an excuse to be late for class!

    There are plenty of buses and you're just down the road from the underground – Angel, Farringdon and King’s Cross (of Harry Potter fame!). There are also tons of exciting things to do within minutes’ walk of our student accommodation.

    It’s a big city, but living in London doesn’t need to be scary, especially when we include security, CCTV and contents insurance in your rent. There’s also a gym to keep you fit, and your bills come in the price of your room, too.

  5. Liberty Court - London

    1.7 miles (walking) 1.1 miles (walking) 1.6 miles (walking) 1.1 miles (walking) 3.8 miles (walking) 0.5 miles (walking) 1.4 miles (walking)
    from £346.00 pw
    London_LC (new).jpg

    Liberty Court is located in an exciting, cosmopolitan part of Central London, so you’ll never miss out on any of the action. It’s also close to plenty of the universities and art colleges, including King's College London and City, University of London, so you'll be able to make the most of your student experience.

    There’s plenty of things to do within walking distance, but you’re well connected transport wise, too. There are buses all over the place and you can walk to London’s famous underground at Farringdon in 3 minutes (or Angel in 20 mins).

    Liberty Court is super secure as we include security, CCTV and contents insurance in your rent. Pop down the road to Liberty House St John Street at any time to use the gym, because it’s included – just like all of your bills.

Why choose Liberty Living?

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  2. Navigation_pink_International.svg International students

    The best choice for international students

    Coming to the UK to study from abroad? Welcome! We love catering to students from all over the world and learning a thing or two about their culture. Luckily, we’ve already got plenty of experience with this as we currently have around 4,500 international students staying with us, so you’re certainly not alone.

    When you stay with Liberty Living your safety is the most important thing to us. We understand that you’re a long way from home and you want to feel comfortable and secure at all times. We have amazing staff on hand 24 hours a day, from the Residence Team, right through to Security who’ll keep an eye out for you overnight as well as CCTV. Contents insurance covering your possessions is included as standard in your rent, so your stuff is protected, and any parcels you have delivered will be well looked after until you can come to collect them.

    Of course, we want you to have fun and make the most of your time here, too. You can always come to us with any problems, or even just for a chat. A new country can be confusing, so we’ve got loads of tips for things to do, too – just ask! Many of our staff members are multilingual, so don’t be shy if English isn’t your first language; if we can’t immediately offer support in your native tongue, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can. We’ll do our best to help you settle in and make friends, and we can point you in the right direction for any visa, welfare or University advice you may need.

    We can’t wait to meet you!


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    Multi-award winning

    We think we’re pretty great – but don’t worry, we can back it up, we promise! We’ve won tons of awards and we’re eager to win more, so you know you’re in good hands. From ‘Best Customer Service’ to ‘Best Private Halls Provider’, we have our fair share of accolades, so take a look below…

    • Awarded ‘Best Halls of Residence in the UK’ 2018

    • Awarded ‘International Accommodation Quality Mark’ from 2012 – 2017

    • Shortlisted 'Best Private Halls Provider' from 2014 – 2017

    • Winner 'Best Individual Accommodation' 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Student Broadband' 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Learning Environment' 2016

    • Winner of the 'Contribution to the Student Experience' award 2016

    • Winner of the Rate Your Landlord 'Improvement Impact Award' 2015

    • Winner 'Best Learning Environment' 2015

    • Winner 'Best Student Broadband' 2015

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2015

    • Shortlisted 'Best Individual Accommodation' 2014

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2014

    • Winner of the 'Best Hall of Residence of the Year' survey 2013

    • Winner 'Best Customer Service' 2012

    • Winner 'Best Moving In Expreience' 2011

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  5. Navigation_pink_Pastoral care.svg Your Student Experience

    Enhancing your Student Experience

    Our dedicated Student Experience programme has been created to ensure that every single one of you has the best stay possible when you live with us. Whether it is coming along to our social events and activities to meet new people, getting involved in fundraising and volunteering for some amazing charities, or popping along to drop in sessions to seek advice on finances, wellbeing and careers, we have something for you.

    We understand that University can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, but don’t worry our team are great at giving advice on and mediating in all kinds of welfare issues that you may experience, such as homesickness, difficulty in getting on with flatmates, noise complaints, relationship problems, partying too hard and having trouble with studies.

    Also, if you need more guidance, we have great relationships with our University partners and their support departments to help and guide you.

    Follow the link to find out more about our Student Experience programme.

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    Liberty Living operates in accordance with the National Code of Standards for student accommodation. The Code of Standards is run by ANUK (The Accreditation Network UK), the NUS, and Unipol Student Homes, and is supported by universities across the UK.

    Liberty Living joined the Code of Standards to give our students peace of mind. You can be assured that you will enjoy a high standard of living in accordance with the Code of Standards, and a prompt resolution to problems should they ever occur when you stay at any of Liberty Living’s residences.

    All of Liberty Living’s residences have been accredited by ANUK and run in accordance with the National Code of Standards.

    National Code of Standards logo

    Liberty Living follow a distinct set of standards for our student accommodation, called the ANUK/Unipol National Codes. The purpose of these Codes, (membership of which is voluntary), is to provide students with professional housing services.

    The standards chosen for the Codes reflect a balance of common sense obligations and responsibilities between landlords and tenants. They also reflect established best practice in the sector and are based on what an average student and their parents would expect of a good quality housing supplier. The standards are supported by the voice of students themselves through the National Union of Students.

    What does being a member of the codes mean?

    • Both parties can enjoy the benefits of good standards of housing management and practice.
    • Misunderstandings and disputes are reduced.
    • If problems do occur they can be promptly resolved.
    • The independent complaints procedure operated by the Codes can be used for complaint resolution.
  7. Navigation_pink_Summer.svg Summer accommodation

    Looking for somewhere to stay over the summer months?

    Stay with us this summer at one of our 46 residences across 17 cities in the UK. We offer both short-term and long-term stays.

    Whether you’re planning to work, study, shop, attend a conference or explore further afield, we’re the perfect base for an affordable city centre break and offer a wide range of room options.

    Did you know, you don't have to be a student to stay with us over the summer? All bills and internet access are included, and you’ll feel safe round-the-clock with our 24-hour security and on-site maintenance teams.

    Unfortunately our summer availability period has now ended, we will have availability again from the start of 2019 so watch this space!