Northumbria University accommodation

Northumbria University is a leader in challenging its students and providing innovative solutions to the global landscape, thanks to its culturally powerful research. We’ve got the perfect range of student accommodation in Newcastle to suit your needs in this incredible Northern city.

  1. General information

    Northumbria University is technically called the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, but literally nobody calls it that. It’s been an established university since 1992, but its history goes back a lot further than that. As it stands today, it’s Newcastle’s second University and it hosts almost 30,000 students.

    Northumbria’s aim is to inspire. It offers top courses and uses cutting edge teaching methods in addition to investing in outstanding facilities at every turn. The University is a leader in challenging its students and providing innovative solutions to the global landscape, thanks to its culturally powerful research. It’s world leading, it’s award winning – and it’s leading the way for other modern universities.

    Set in the heart of Newcastle (which is regularly voted as the best student city), there’s plenty of opportunity to thrive. Northumbria has close links with some of the country’s top employers, so no matter whether you want to stay in the North East after you graduate or not, you’ll have above average job prospects.

    Northumbria University has it all, and so do we. We’ve got the perfect range of Northumbria University accommodation to suit your needs as a student in the incredible city that is Newcastle.

  2. The campus

    There are a few different campuses at Northumbria, and there’s even one in London! Our London student accommodation will help you if you want to live there, but our Northumbria University accommodation is all about Newcastle.

    At the esteemed City Campus, there’s an amazing 24/7 library which ranks alongside Cambridge University as one of the best in the country. There are also amazingly high-tech labs and impressive buildings for you to study in. You’ve also got the added benefit of being just down the road from everything Newcastle has to offer! At the City Campus East you’ll find the Business School, Law School and design workshops, to name just a few highlights.

    The University boasts impressive sport facilities for those of all abilities to get involved. Sport Central is home to successful teams and can house literally thousands of spectators. If you prefer to ‘do’ than watch, there are athletic tracks, pitches, courts and even a giant swimming pool, in addition to loads of clubs to join.

    When you fancy a sport of relaxing, the Student Union (the NSU) has a ton of activities to get involved with, or you can just kick back with some food or drink. There are gig venues, places to eat, and places to get any assistance you may need.

    Our Northumbria University accommodation is perfectly placed to help you make the most of your student experience.

  3. Undergraduate study

    There are so many courses to choose from at Northumbria University that you’ll be hard pressed to choose if you’re not quite sure yet! All of the undergraduate degrees have an emphasis in academic knowledge, in addition to going that extra mile in terms of teaching you the skills you’ll need to become more employable.

    When you enrol at Northumbria, you’ll be in great hands thanks to excellent teaching staff. They’ll be more than happy to ensure that you’re in the best position to be a top graduate. Additionally, student satisfaction is rated super highly at Northumbria University, and there’s a lot to be said for loving what you do. So, if you want to better yourself whilst also have a better time, this might well be the ideal choice.

    Our Northumbria University accommodation is in the perfect place so that you can get on with your studies but also enjoy everything that the amazing city of Newcastle has to offer.

  4. Postgraduate study

    A postgraduate degree is an excellent step into the realms of advanced education, and as a result it makes a huge statement about the person you want to become. Whether you want to further your career, deepen your knowledge, or simply commit to lifelong learning, there will be an option for you.

    Research degrees are a particularly great choice if you’re looking to truly make a difference in your field. At Northumbria University, they pride themselves on applying knowledge to life-changing research, and you’d be part of a team making real strides in their discipline. 500 students every year opt to head down the research route.

    Postgraduate students in general are highly valued at Northumbria, and you can of course study a taught degree instead. You’ll be led by the experts and you’ll be surrounded by great resources to help you along your way. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience in industry too.

    Our Northumbria University accommodation is ideal for postgraduates because it allows you to stay in the midst of an incredible city whilst taking time for yourself to focus on your work.

Our closest residence to:

  • Liberty Quay 1.3 miles (walking) 0.8 miles (walking) 0.4 miles (walking)
  • Liberty Quay Studios 1.3 miles (walking) 0.9 miles (walking) 0.5 miles (walking)
  • Liberty Plaza 0.6 miles (walking) 0.5 miles (walking) 0.9 miles (walking)
  • Liberty Central 1.6 miles (walking) 0.7 miles (walking) 0.4 miles (walking)

Accommodation available in Newcastle

Order by:
  1. Liberty Quay - Newcastle

    1.3 miles (walking) 0.8 miles (walking) 0.4 miles (walking)
    from £121.00 pw

    With 695 brand new en-suite rooms, Liberty Quay is the perfect place to make the most of your student experience this academic year – plus it's super close to the city centre so you won’t have to travel far if you're studying at Newcastle College or Northumbria University.

    All your bills and 50 Mb/s Wi-Fi are included in your rent, plus our fantastic on-site team are available 24/7 providing everything from parcel collection, to organising events for you and other students. You’ll also get access to our spacious gym and common room, perfect if you want to keep fit or stay in touch with friends.

    At Liberty Quay you’ll never be short of exciting things to do – some of the best shopping facilities in the UK are right on your doorstep meaning popping out for those everyday essentials can be done with ease.

  2. Liberty Quay Studios - Newcastle

    1.3 miles (walking) 0.9 miles (walking) 0.5 miles (walking)
    from £123.00 pw

    Liberty Quay Studios is located centrally and positioned close to all of the city's universities and colleges, including Newcastle College or Northumbria University, so you can literally just roll out of bed to class. Located on Melbourne Street, right in the heart of the city, the residence is super close to all the things that you'll want to see and do.

    You’re also right next to essential transport links, including Newcastle Central railway station, the Metro underground and local buses stop close by.

    We make you feel right at home at Liberty Quay Studios. We include your bills, contents insurance and access to a gym in your rent, so you can sit back, relax and focus on your studies.

  3. Liberty Plaza - Newcastle

    0.6 miles (walking) 0.5 miles (walking) 0.9 miles (walking)
    from £135.00 pw

    Liberty Plaza is within easy walking distance to all of the universities and colleges in the area, including Newcastle College or Newcastle University. Located on Wellington Street, you’re also right next to essential transport links, including Newcastle Central railway station, and local buses stop close by.

    Liberty Plaza’s closeness to the town centre allows you to get right into the heart of the action, and you’ll never be stuck for things to do or people to do them with – there are plenty of residents here!

    You'll benefit from all of our outstanding safety and security features. There are 24-hour teams on hand as well as CCTV around the clock. Plus, you’ll have extra peace of mind because your bills come included in your rent.

  4. Liberty Central - Newcastle

    1.6 miles (walking) 0.7 miles (walking) 0.4 miles (walking)
    from £109.00 pw

    If you’re looking for the full student experience in Newcastle, Liberty Central is where it’s at. This is an exciting student hub and you’ll be close to the diverse city centre, your campus and both Newcastle and Northumbria University, too.

    Liberty Central is located near to the city centre so you’ll never be short of things to do, and with great access to transport links you’ll be able to explore your new city with ease.

    You’ll also feel safe and secure living with us as we have CCTV and 24 hour staff, plus contents insurance is included as standard. In fact, everything is included in your rent – that’s just how we do things here.

Why choose Liberty Living?

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  2. Navigation_pink_Group bookings.svg Group bookings

    We welcome group bookings

    Want to live with your friends? We can make it happen! At Liberty Living, we’re happy for you to book with whoever you like. So, if you can’t bear the thought of being separated for even one moment, now you don’t have to be. We know how social University is and we don’t want to split anyone up who’s quite happy in their own little group. We’d also be the last ones to split up a relationship, so you can even share a room with a partner thanks to our room shares – in residences that have double rooms or studios.

    Perhaps you’re coming back for your second or third year with us, or maybe you all met on your course – it doesn’t matter, we’d love to have you stay with Liberty Living. We’ll welcome you (or welcome you back!) with open arms. As an added incentive, we’ll even help you settle in, too. Book in a group of four or more people and we’ll give you a £100* shopping voucher for a supermarket of your choice. Better get sharpening those cooking skills – you’ll all have to do your fair share!

    It’s super easy to make a booking together, so follow the link to find out more about group bookings.

    *Shopping voucher offer of £100 differs in some residences and is only available at selected residences.

  3. Navigation_pink_International.svg International students

    The best choice for international students

    Coming to the UK to study from abroad? Welcome! We love catering to students from all over the world and learning a thing or two about their culture. Luckily, we’ve already got plenty of experience with this as we currently have around 4,500 international students staying with us, so you’re certainly not alone.

    When you stay with Liberty Living your safety is the most important thing to us. We understand that you’re a long way from home and you want to feel comfortable and secure at all times. We have amazing staff on hand 24 hours a day, from the Residence Team, right through to Security who’ll keep an eye out for you overnight as well as CCTV. Contents insurance covering your possessions is included as standard in your rent, so your stuff is protected, and any parcels you have delivered will be well looked after until you can come to collect them.

    Of course, we want you to have fun and make the most of your time here, too. You can always come to us with any problems, or even just for a chat. A new country can be confusing, so we’ve got loads of tips for things to do, too – just ask! Many of our staff members are multilingual, so don’t be shy if English isn’t your first language; if we can’t immediately offer support in your native tongue, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can. We’ll do our best to help you settle in and make friends, and we can point you in the right direction for any visa, welfare or University advice you may need.

    We can’t wait to meet you!


  4. Navigation_pink_Awards.svg Multi-award winning

    Multi-award winning

    We think we’re pretty great – but don’t worry, we can back it up, we promise! We’ve won tons of awards and we’re eager to win more, so you know you’re in good hands. From ‘Best Customer Service’ to ‘Best Private Halls Provider’, we have our fair share of accolades, so take a look below…

    • Winner 'Best Individual Accommodation' 2016

    • Awarded ‘International Accommodation Quality Mark’ from 2012 – 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Private Halls Provider' from 2014 – 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Student Broadband' 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Learning Environment' 2016

    • Winner of the 'Contribution to the Student Experience' award 2016

    • Winner of the Rate Your Landlord 'Improvement Impact Award' 2015

    • Winner 'Best Learning Environment' 2015

    • Winner 'Best Student Broadband' 2015

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2015

    • Shortlisted 'Best Individual Accommodation' 2014

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2014

    • Winner of the 'Best Hall of Residence of the Year' survey 2013

    • Winner 'Best Customer Service' 2012

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2012

    • Winner 'Best Moving In Expreience' 2011

    • Winner 'Best Private Halls Provider' 2010

  5. Navigation_pink_Easy to rebook.svg It's easy to book

  6. Navigation_pink_Pastoral care.svg Your Student Experience

    Enhancing your Student Experience

    Our dedicated Student Experience programme has been created to ensure that every single one of you has the best stay possible when you live with us. Whether it is coming along to our social events and activities to meet new people, getting involved in fundraising and volunteering for some amazing charities, or popping along to drop in sessions to seek advice on finances, wellbeing and careers, we have something for you.

    We understand that University can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, but don’t worry our team are great at giving advice on and mediating in all kinds of welfare issues that you may experience, such as homesickness, difficulty in getting on with flatmates, noise complaints, relationship problems, partying too hard and having trouble with studies.

    Also, if you need more guidance, we have great relationships with our University partners and their support departments to help and guide you.

    Follow the link to find out more about our Student Experience programme.