Staffordshire University accommodation

Staffordshire University aims to welcome everyone to its inclusive educational environment and likes to push boundaries and open minds with its teaching. It's a great place to spend your student days, and at Liberty Living, our student accommodation in Stoke-on-Trent is the ideal place to live whilst you’re at it.

  1. General information

    Staffordshire University was acquired in the early 1900s and has offered vocationally inspired education since 1914. The experience they provide has developed and grown with them, and has been sitting in the full-blown University guise as it is today since 1992. Times change and the work of Staffordshire University has progressed since its humble beginnings. However, the vision and the values that it was founded on will never change.

    Staffordshire aims to welcome everyone to its inclusive educational environment and likes to push boundaries and open minds with its teaching. They’re at the heart of the UK, and like to think of themselves both as friendly and with a somewhat global edge.

    The University’s staff are hands on, hard-working and what’s more, they’ll encourage you to be the same. Of course, there is room for all kinds of students, but you’ll leave with a few things in common, such as motivation and drive. There’s a passion at Staffordshire for vocational courses, and so you’ll learn a lot of real life skills whilst you’re there.

    Staffordshire University is a great place to spend your student days, and at Liberty Living, our Staffordshire accommodation is the ideal place to live whilst you’re at it.  

  2. The campus

    There are two main campuses at Staffordshire University, one in Stafford and the other in Stoke-on-Trent. Our Staffordshire University accommodation is based in the latter; so if you’re looking for student accommodation in Stoke, you know where to find us!

    When you head to Stoke, you’ll find everything you could possibly need to ensure your ultimate success as a student. There is a library as well as other excellent resources for your studies.

    Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre is an excellent cluster of sports facilities based on your new campus. You can take classes, hit the gym, or even join a team.

    Staffordshire Students' Union is the place to be. You’ll be able to relax and unwind, but also seek advice and representation. You can join a club or society, volunteer, or even find a job. Plus, you’re able to enjoy a fun night out or even just a bite to eat. It’s seriously the place to be!

    Thanks to our student accommodation in Staffordshire, you’ll be close to everything you may need and at the heart of the hub of student activity.

  3. Undergraduate study

    Undergraduate study shouldn’t be about blending in with the crowd; it should be about establishing yourself and your strengths. At Staffordshire University, you will be given the tools to really stand out.

    Staffordshire loves curious and engaged students and this is exactly what you’ll be encouraged to be every step of the way. Thanks to brilliant, switched on teachers and the opportunity to gain vocational skills in addition to academic ones, you’ll really gain an edge in the graduate employability stakes.

    When you stay at our Staffordshire University accommodation you’ll be able to truly shine because we offer great rooms for study, but also ample space for you to relax, too.

  4. Postgraduate study

    Do you want to be instantly more employable and earn more money than your counterparts? That’s a bit of a silly question – you’d be mad not to!

    Postgraduate degrees at Staffordshire University provide a unique opportunity to get on board with a curriculum that not only gives you a reputable degree at the end, but one which invests time into ensuring you’re ready for the world of work. Indeed, a huge majority of students report student satisfaction, and this could be in part down to the fact that your first-year earning potential is raised by as much as £15,000 compared to other grads.

    Taught degrees focus on lectures and seminars, a bit like undergraduate but at a level which is in far more depth. Research degrees allow you to actually get stuck into the knowledge you’ve already built and perhaps make some discoveries yourself.

    No matter which type of degree you opt for, you’ll be supported every step of the way and we can say the same of our Staffordshire University accommodation.

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Accommodation available in Stoke-on-Trent

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  1. Liberty Court - Stoke-on-Trent

    0.8 miles (walking) 3.8 miles (walking)

    Whether you’re a 1st year, a postgraduate student, or anything in between, Liberty Court will provide the best possible accommodation throughout your time in higher education. It’s just off Salisbury Avenue which is ideally central to the universities, with the added bonus of being right next to a picturesque canal.

    The residence isn’t just close to your lectures – it’s close to all of the fun stuff dotted around the town and great transport links, including Stoke's train station.

    Stoke-on-Trent is a really safe place to live and it’s made even safer with the presence of our on-site security team, 24 hours a day. Liberty Court also benefits from all-inclusive bills, so there’s literally nothing to worry about.

Why choose Liberty Living?

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  2. Navigation_pink_Group bookings.svg Group bookings

    We welcome group bookings

    Want to live with your friends? We can make it happen! At Liberty Living, we’re happy for you to book with whoever you like. So, if you can’t bear the thought of being separated for even one moment, now you don’t have to be. We know how social University is and we don’t want to split anyone up who’s quite happy in their own little group. We’d also be the last ones to split up a relationship, so you can even share a room with a partner thanks to our room shares – in residences that have double rooms or studios.

    Perhaps you’re coming back for your second or third year with us, or maybe you all met on your course – it doesn’t matter, we’d love to have you stay with Liberty Living. We’ll welcome you (or welcome you back!) with open arms. As an added incentive, we’ll even help you settle in, too. Book in a group of four or more people and we’ll give you a £100* shopping voucher for a supermarket of your choice. Better get sharpening those cooking skills – you’ll all have to do your fair share!

    It’s super easy to make a booking together, so follow the link to find out more about group bookings.

    *Shopping voucher offer of £100 differs in some residences and is only available at selected residences.

  3. Navigation_pink_International.svg International students

    The best choice for international students

    Coming to the UK to study from abroad? Welcome! We love catering to students from all over the world and learning a thing or two about their culture. Luckily, we’ve already got plenty of experience with this as we currently have around 4,500 international students staying with us, so you’re certainly not alone.

    When you stay with Liberty Living your safety is the most important thing to us. We understand that you’re a long way from home and you want to feel comfortable and secure at all times. We have amazing staff on hand 24 hours a day, from the Residence Team, right through to Security who’ll keep an eye out for you overnight as well as CCTV. Contents insurance covering your possessions is included as standard in your rent, so your stuff is protected, and any parcels you have delivered will be well looked after until you can come to collect them.

    Of course, we want you to have fun and make the most of your time here, too. You can always come to us with any problems,, or even just for a chat. A new country can be confusing, so we’ve got loads of tips for things to do, too – just ask! Many of our staff members are multilingual, so don’t be shy if English isn’t your first language; if we can’t immediately offer support in your native tongue, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can. We’ll do our best to help you settle in and make friends, and we can point you in the right direction for any visa, welfare or University advice you may need.

    We can’t wait to meet you!


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    Multi-award winning

    We think we’re pretty great – but don’t worry, we can back it up, we promise! We’ve won tons of awards and we’re eager to win more, so you know you’re in good hands. From ‘Best Customer Service’ to ‘Best Private Halls Provider’, we have our fair share of accolades, so take a look below…

    • Winner 'Best Individual Accommodation' 2016

    • Awarded ‘International Accommodation Quality Mark’ from 2012 – 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Private Halls Provider' from 2014 – 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Student Broadband' 2016

    • Shortlisted 'Best Learning Environment' 2016

    • Winner of the 'Contribution to the Student Experience' award 2016

    • Winner of the Rate Your Landlord 'Improvement Impact Award' 2015

    • Winner 'Best Learning Environment' 2015

    • Winner 'Best Student Broadband' 2015

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2015

    • Shortlisted 'Best Individual Accommodation' 2014

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2014

    • Winner of the 'Best Hall of Residence of the Year' survey 2013

    • Winner 'Best Customer Service' 2012

    • Winner of the 'Rate Your Landlord' survey 2012

    • Winner 'Best Moving In Expreience' 2011

    • Winner 'Best Private Halls Provider' 2010

  5. Navigation_pink_Easy to rebook.svg It's easy to book

    It's easy to book with Liberty Living

    1. Find your perfect room

      Found your perfect room? You’ve chosen where you want to be, we just need you to create an account and give us a few details to secure your booking.

    2. Pay your booking fee

      Once you’ve given us your details and signed up to the Tenancy Agreement, all you need to do is pay us a one off £200 booking fee and set up your payment schedule – and the room is yours.

    3. Get ready to move in

      Now try and contain your excitement… you’re booked and ready to move in! We’ve sent you confirmation of your booking and everything else you’ll need to know. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to your new home very soon.
  6. Navigation_pink_Pastoral care.svg Your Student Experience

    Enhancing your Student Experience

    Our dedicated Student Experience programme has been created to ensure that every single one of you has the best stay possible when you live with us. Whether it is coming along to our social events and activities to meet new people, getting involved in fundraising and volunteering for some amazing charities, or popping along to drop in sessions to seek advice on finances, wellbeing and careers, we have something for you.

    We understand that University can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, but don’t worry our team are great at giving advice on and mediating in all kinds of welfare issues that you may experience, such as homesickness, difficulty in getting on with flatmates, noise complaints, relationship problems, partying too hard and having trouble with studies.

    Also, if you need more guidance, we have great relationships with our University partners and their support departments to help and guide you.

    Follow the link to find out more about our Student Experience programme.