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Find your perfect summer accommodation in Bristol with Liberty

Looking for somewhere to stay in Bristol over the summer months?

If you are planning on staying in Bristol for the summer we offer short term summer accommodation at our central Liberty Park location. There is so much to do in Bristol so you can stay for a while without breaking the bank.

Bristol summer accommodation

Liberty Park

  • City Studio flats available from £184 per week
  • Classic Studio flats available from £189 per week
  • Deluxe Studio flats available from £255 per week
  • Gym access included
  • Bedding / Kitchen packs available (additional charges apply)
  • Group bookings available
  • Minimum stay of 1 week
  • Due to high demand rooms are not currently available to book online, contact the Residence Team to register your interest

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We have summer accommodation available in great destinations for you to book for just a few nights or the whole of summer – extend your stay with us or book at any one of our 53 residences in 21 cities.

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Central summer accommodation throughout the UK

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    Planning on staying in the city over the summer months but stuck for somewhere to stay? Don’t worry; we have plenty of availability across our portfolio of residences so you have an abundance of choice. Our summer accommodation puts you at the heart of the action, no matter what you’re planning on doing during your stay.

    Perhaps you’re staying on as a student throughout the summer months, or maybe you’ve managed to get yourself onto an internship. Whatever your reasons to stay in a particular city, we’d love to try and help. You don’t even need to have stayed with us in term time – our summer accommodation is completely flexible.

    On the other side of things, it’s totally okay to want to leave your current Liberty Living residence and try somewhere completely new for a change of scenery! Students can just stay on because they know exactly how fun it is living here with us.

    Plus, our student accommodation here at Liberty Living actually isn’t just for students (confusing, we know!). Once the majority leave to go back home, we open up our doors to the general public for the summer months. Of course, if you stay with us you’re going to have a few students milling around – it’s what we’re here for, after all – but we’d love to have you stay for your next event, conference or weekend trip away.

    Our residences have outstanding facilities and they’re in great locations. So, whether you’re looking to work or play, we can accommodate you.

  2. Navigation_pink_Several ways to pay.svg Great value

    Great value

    Here’s the thing about summer: you probably love it, but so does almost everyone else. That means hotels cost an absolute fortune because everyone has the same idea and wants to escape to somewhere new. Even if you absolutely have to be somewhere over the summer months – like at University or work – it makes no difference to us.

    That’s where we come in. At Liberty Living, we offer excellent quality summer accommodation to anyone and everyone who needs it – subject to availability, of course. We have a range of different room types and the best part is that we don’t charge extortionate prices just because it’s the summer – that wouldn't be fair.

    Our rooms are excellent value for people looking for summer accommodation in any of our 19 UK cities. Sure, you won’t get a concierge service at night or a little chocolate on your pillow when you return to your room; but you will get a room all to yourself, inclusive of bills, CCTV and even a 24 hour security team, in most cases. The majority of our rooms have En-suite facilities, too. There are even added bonuses like a management team to sign for all of your packages – something you probably wouldn’t get in a hotel.

    We work out the cost of your stay depending on how long you’ll be here, so you’ll only pay for the nights you spend with us. Despite the premium locations of our residences up and down the UK, you won’t be paying premium prices, we promise.

  3. Navigation_pink_International.svg Short or long stay

    Short or long stay

    During term time, our student accommodation is only available to be booked for set contracted periods. However, over the summer months there are no such restrictions, which is why our summer accommodation is ideal for those looking for a short or long stay.

    Providing we have the rooms available, you can stay with us for as little or as long as you would like, during our core summer period. This is especially ideal for those wanting to stay for a little while, because those hotel stays soon add up.

    We have guests staying with us because they’re simply in town for a festival or sporting event. For example, we proudly hosted for people from all over the world during the 2012 Olympics in London, and despite a few baffled tourists wondering why we couldn’t offer bed and breakfast (spoiler alert!), we were the ideal choice for hundreds of people who needed somewhere that wouldn’t break the bank.

    London also has dedicated summer accommodation available for interns, many of whom decide to stay with us during a transitional period of their life shortly after they graduate. Of course, our summer accommodation can house interns up and down the country, too.

    To be honest, you might just be looking to stay somewhere for one night after a conference or even a concert. If that’s the case, talk to us – we may well have a room for you.

  4. Navigation_pink_Awards.svg Range of rooms

    Range of rooms

    Depending on the location you want to stay in, we have a range of rooms to suit all tastes and budgets.

    We have rooms with single beds and those with double beds. Most of our rooms are for single occupancy; however we do have rooms available for double occupancy, too. In addition to our spacious Single and Double rooms, we also offer Studios and Shared Apartments. When you stay at Liberty Living, you’re also permitted to have guests visit you, something which isn’t often possible in a hotel.

    Many of our rooms are En-suite, but for added savings, you can choose to stay in a cluster flat with a shared bathroom. With the exception of our Studios (which have their own kitchen), you will share kitchen facilities with others. The bonus of having access to a kitchen could literally save you hundreds of pounds compared to staying in a hotel and paying to dine out every night.

    Regardless of the type of room that you choose, you'll be staying in top quality accommodation with the very best of facilities. The residences are all centrally located in the 21 cities we offer, and are very well looked after by our teams.

    There’s on-site maintenance and security, and even friendly management staff who’ll be more than happy to give you advice about the local area or sign for your mail if you’re out and about exploring the local attractions.

  5. Navigation_pink_Easy to rebook.svg Top facilities

    Top facilities

    All of the residences at Liberty Living come complete with state-of-the-art facilities which will allow you to make the most of your stay, no matter which city you’ll be staying in.

    We understand that staying in a hotel has its advantages but we aim to create a home away from home for the duration of your visit with us. That’s why we provide everything you could think of to make your visit more enjoyable. In terms of facilities, all of our residences are kept to the highest standards.

    There will be a kitchen for every single one of our residents to use, no matter how long or short your stay may be. You’ll be able to purchase a kitchen pack for your arrival if you choose, and you can access the kitchen at any time of day.

    Also, many of our residences have common room areas complete with television sets and areas to relax, so you can either hang out there or with your new-found friends. Some of our residences even have gyms or dance studios that you can use to keep fit; please have a look at the individual residence information before making your summer booking so that you know exactly what facilities you’ll have access to.

    You’ll get bedroom furniture including a bed, wardrobe and chair. Most residences do not include bedding; however, a pack can be purchased from us prior to your arrival – just let us know. You’ll also have access high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi which we have throughout all of our residences.

  6. Navigation_pink_Support team.svg Ideal for conferences

    Ideal for conferences

    Booking hotels for business conferences can soon get expensive, we’re well aware. If you’ve been tasked with arranging the accommodation for your next work event, we may be able to help.

    We have summer accommodation available for conferences in London thanks to the fact that we have several residences in the area. It’s an especially expensive city, and booking hotel rooms for groups of staff can soon add up. Plus, you have to find a hotel with space for everyone in the group, and in all honesty it’s a total hassle.

    At Liberty Living, our residences can accommodate large groups of people, so we’re the ideal hosts for your next big conference or work event.

    Of course, it’s not just London we serve – we can accommodate you and your company at any of our 53 residences in 21 cities across the UK and Europe.

    Face it – after a long day at work, the last thing you want is to return to somewhere uncomfortable or lacking in things you need. Our rooms can provide a home from home for business people, whatever their purpose for visiting.